Survival is now missing a perk

“Waste Not” seems like a waste. The weight of a waterskin is 1.12. But really who carries 2 waterskins anyway. At the moment I rather spend point into Encumberance than into survival.

In effect I’ve lost “Efficient Butchery” and got nothing in return.

A meaningful 2nd perk would be ace

  • New Survival level 20 perk, “Waste Not”. This reduces the amount of water used per drink from waterskins, effectively doubling the lifespan of waterskins.
  • The “Hard Worker” perk is now a Survival level 30 perk.
  • The “Efficient Butchery” perk has been removed from the game.

I understand why they’d want to make an OP perk like “Hard Worker” at least a level 30 perk.

That having been said, I don’t know if some other mechanic changed, but I seem to need to drink a lot more since the patch. If anything I don’t sense that I’m getting anything from “Waste Not”.

Maybe it’s psychosomatic.

I used to carry 2 water skins in Exiled Lands. And yet I never thought “man, it’s this second skin that really screws up my gameplay, I wish there was a perk to help me with that”. Even the 1st perk (raw and bloody) is more useful than that. :confused:

I always carry 2 waterskins, just in case.
This perk is really uninteresting for me, but i somewhat agreed that efficient butchery was OP.

There is little value in the surviveability tree, even with 0 points in it is very easy to survive, so there is no need for it. As i see it, it should be just as attractive as any other attribute, so the player would consider droping points on it.

Both Raw & bloody and waste not are unnecessary imo.

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The issue with Efficient Butchery was: going too fast through the corpse drop budget. So you probably get a lot of junk from only one schwing and not the quality item you were looking for. Notoriously missing out on Ivory and Volatile Glands.

But now Fire Orbs are useless and Darfari gear is most an RP gimmick.

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