Survival Suggestions

While I know I’m most likely in the minority, I would like to see more needs being met by the player. Sleeping, in my opinion, is a must. But perhaps others could be filtered via settings. Such as a need for companionship. Being all alone in a hostile environment tends to wreak havoc on one’s mind. You see other exiles that have banned together, why not you? I would also like to see needs such as cleanliness and even your bowels.

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Awesome ideas. i like sleeping the most nights are scarry in low levels.
And imagine PVP’s new layer when your character has to sleep in the middle of a raid… Would be hillarious. :smiley:

But how do you aid “lonelyness” in singleplayer? :smiley: :smiley:


I’d imagine some exiles, especially singles, would not be so willing to attack. Mayhap not make them life long companions, but at least for the night before taking off again.

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