Survive. Build. Eliminate

I know it is “Dominate” but that is not what is happening on the official servers. Yes, pvp.

Last time I was on I was faced with 4 clans at my front gate. They started bombing it, everyday. That is not dominating. They wrote (ad hominem) to me through clan names because I blocked my chat. Okay, without more details, it took a lot to get me offline. I’m just a solo player.

Dominate is what a alpha clan does.
Eliminate (and bully) is what a toxic clan does.


Some players didn’t have the luck to witness these behaviors 3 years after, some weeks were enough. I cannot understand why this game in the pvp form carries so much toxicity and hate, but it does, I am sorry for you m8. I said a lot of times pvp solo is madness, it just can’t be done :man_shrugging:. One day however the attackers will end up in desert too, count on it :wink:.


Indeed. Just need to figure out the potions and hyperarmor that somehow make it really hard to kill someone. It’s unplayable when you can’t kill their alts.


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