Survive & Thrive ALONE in the Exiled Lands Age of Calamitous [PC, NA, PvE]


Avoid servers with mega clans? Hate having adventure around a dozen other people? Fresh start (6/19) featuring Age of Calamitous! Can you survive and thrive the Exiled Lands alone? (Or with a partner!) Enjoy exploring and building on our “Solo-together” small community server. Participate in our events or ignore them and just build your corner of the Exiled lands.

Server features:

  • Max clan size of 2 and plenty of prime spots available

  • 3x/3x xp and harvest

  • 1.5 active thirst/hunger so food and drink matters again!

  • Default crafting costs and times so choice thralls matter

  • Challenging purges and bosses, but convenience features (warps, public maprooms, etc)

  • Daily active Admins for prompt updates and glitch busting

Mod List

  • Pippi

  • Fashionist

  • Age of Calamitious

  • Emberlight

  • PvE Plus Treasure Hunt

  • Compass Icon

  • Less Building Restrictions

  • Pickup+

If you enjoy challenges and building but avoid crowds and super clans I hope you visit!

Direct connect : IP/Port: Discord:

Thanks for taking time to read my post. Have an awesome day!