Survived Built Dominated: Exiled Lands last Boss and replay value

You tie beating the last unimplemented boss into the server transfer function. Like proposing the player leave or remain behind change the keystone to work on multiple people and lead the army of thralls and pets to leave with you but maybe giving you a permanent single bonus point in one stat if you leave but with a negative subtraction in another both of which counting outside of the max so a perm bonus doesn’t take away a potential cost and the negative allowing an extra unspent point. but just 1 point. It would take beating the game over and over again to max out.

Or perhaps you could be granted with a consumable: heart of the conqueror that does either one of these things at random. Or bless/curse the player to have a random negative/positive thrall perk applied to the player for a maximum of 3 perks like the thralls.

PVPer’s could seek this. PVEer’s could seek this. Gives a replay factor to try and max out or get the right combimation of random perks added to the player.

THIS DOESN"T HAVE TO BE A GAME DEVELOPMENT ONLY THING the modding community could consider this, if they aren’t already.

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I’d be happy with just the option of taking off the bracelet and not having it displayed on my character if I choose to remain in the Exiled Lands. Could even make the unlocked bracelet a placeable decoration.


you’d still have to carry it around to use the obelisks or understand the lorestones, not that the second one would really matter at that point.

also, permadeath mode: enabled

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Now you’re talking, though I doubt the community left around wouldn’t whine about it even though they could just avoid getting the keystone. RNG mechanics seems to be a cornerstone of these two titles “call IOS a DLC Expansion all you want it is it’s own title” and so I propose actually giving the story journey something to try and try again until A B or C is achieved or at least just A. put the boss in a risk reward there not just a risk with a huge text saying lose everything making your journey counter productive are you sure? Yes? OK bye …Welcome fresh faced exile good luck in this unfamiliar harsh land

I guess the mod list is too big to search…

There are mods for all of that.

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So far Savage Wilds and Age of Calamitous were the closest to that but Savage Wilds discord confirmed no lore just whatever RP Admin creativity wants to add. I read through 120 mods listed on gameswatch I think and nexus, neither affect the ending. Age of Calamitous might but it doesn’t sound like it and I’m really looking for Conan lore friendly creativity not sure if orc and goblins are in the Conan lore don’t sound like they are but if that’s a mod author’s thing whatever. If you know a specific mod that does what I’m looking for I’m all ears or send a link to sift through I’ll gladly look through it cause I’ve bothered a handful of discords already for a clue and got nothing. thank you

two mods i dont waste my time with

I’m not interested in either of them but you said there are mods for all that I have sought. Do you have any leads for me to look into?

The transfer thing is not something people are interested in, ergo, most modders arent either, I guess.

Feat and Ability points of the most varied types are there, I have research many of them before making my own. There is all kinds of stuff including making unused points relevant, maxing out and etc.

Bracelet off is one of the most famous kinds of mods. Because it is an easy mod to make and many people if doing one thing, does this.

When I made my permadeath mod, I have seen many show up ever since.

And a whole lot of other things mentioned I have stumbled upon while making my mods. Mods that do one single thing or many of them at the same time.

I even started modding because one overall bothered me: Accumulating things after you discover beating the game doesnt really mean anything, and dont do it. Which if you really read the game, is told you many times by many NPCs.

Then I made my first mod, simple attribute and feat replacer with recipes for things I have one too many and no use for.

Since then I made permadeath mods, patched my attribute mod, made customization mod, a trading mod, etc.

I dislike with a passion mods that restrict so called “classes”, make those things I classify as “disfigurement” of the game, like AOC and SW. IQoL doesnt really work in many things on the long run if you wanting a true survival game routine, so I made mods to have some of the stuff but still retain the survival aspect intact. I dont play survival games to have Impoved Quality of Life anyways.

In that journey, I saw a whole lot of mods. And I also dont care about external mod sites. All mods I use are from Steam Workshop, the go to place, yet that the devkit itself uploads there.

Right I was looking for FUNCOM or the modding commuitiy to make more of a finality to the ending not just unlock jewelty and leave, they had a final boss not implemented and I was hoping for anything to add to the end a boss an unlockable thing, something to make the whole thing have so purpose, In a survival game called Don’t Starve there’s some form of ending that at most unlocks the antagonist as a playable character while the ending itself is kind of more irony/despair but it fit. In the exiled lands I leave to total restart with nothing at all. No sense of overall accomplishment story/function/reward, nada. Modders I hoped would have less trouble filling in the blank the developers left.

Are you saying the steam workshop may have what I seek or is it a speculation that they would? ie a final boss/something to carry with me from the previous keystone useage, something more than less than what I earned.

I don’t know about mods that add end bosses without a full overhaul (eg AoC, EEWA) - but I did see John Bane play with a mod a couple of years back that allowed you to ‘spend’ the keystone (and sacrifice all 60 levels, if I recall correctly) and get special things in return - so you sort of restart (but have all your buildings, followers etc) and gain like special items or similar. The problem is, I don’t know what the mod was called or if it is still supported. But it at least suggests something along the lines might exist.

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dafug’ is EEWA?

Extended Endgame Weapon Arsenal - but it actually adds a bunch of stuff, overhauls locations, all sorts. If you search on the steam workshop for EEWA you should find more info on it (depending whether it’s to your tastes or not).

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To add bosses or any NPC to the game it is made in one of two ways:

  • Build them the modder themselves
  • Setup them from the generic template

If there is a mesh, there is a set of animations, but nothing else, you cant consider that a “unfinished boss”. And rumors, you find a lot of those from people who find files but cant know what they are for.

The story on exiled lands is pretty straight forward: Kill the bosses, get the stuff they carry, and make the “thing” work. While at it, listen to what NPCs have to say, and they will tell you all that you need to know.

Isle of Siptah, you go to the vaults, get to the boss, get your bit of story, your items, and unlock the secret in the Tower. I think they still not finished the thing as the story from which it comes describe, but pretty sure they will at some point.

In general, there is no such “final boss”.

I think only MMORPGs like Age of Conan have a true final boss for the main storyline. (This excludes the expansion although the Rise of Godslayer had a final boss as well to the expansion storyline). Thoth Amon who was the final boss in the Tier 3 raid in Thoth Amons’ Stronghold. Fun but difficult raid.

Star Wars The Old Republic and ESO are two other games I can think of has the final boss in the main storyline. ESO unfortunately it was only for single play (good for storywise but anti-climatic gaming wise since it was fairly easy to defeat Molag Bol.) Molag Bol should have been a raid zone final boss in my opinion to complete the story. SWToR was a flashpoint dungeon for a group of 4 to finish off the final boss of the story.

I am not sure any other multi-player online RPG type game had a final boss ending. Most games want it to be a continuous story so opt not to have a finality. EQ1, EQ2, DAoC, Vanguard Saga of Heroes, Warhammer Online, Star Wars Galaxies to name a few do not have a final boss. I am not sure on WoW since did not play that far to the end.

Plus the main storyline for Conan Exiles is to survive and escape from the Exiled Lands (removing the bracelet). The main enemy was never shown or mentioned which is who tossed you there. Thoth Amon is linked into the story of the land but had no play with your character. Also many of the storylines were all related the past which is mostly forgotten. The enemies of these lands are long dead on the most part, minus the sole living one War General (forgot his name) in the Unnamed City. He is not even an enemy either since he is just a talking NPC of a defeated race.

To add a final boss, probably need a new map with a full story from beginning to end to make it possible. To toss one in EL or IoS would not exactly fit now.

Warmaker Khael tells you the Toth Amon came to the unnamed city and went wherever he pleased, it is implied that the artifacts making a way to remove the bracelet is something that Toth wants as in the admin panel and journey steps it’s mentioned that the mummy of the ring comes to collect it from you since you did all the work. The complete control of the bracelets is likely what Toth wants and with a way to remove them this is accomplished, while Toth doesn’t have a direct link to you the player being sent there, the relic hunters and purge and mummy are related to you since in the end Toth’s summoned servant goes in to take it away from you.

In the end mummy or no you still leave end credits but carry over and journey step boss implementation is a desirable thing. No reason to leave it out, if you don’t want it for whatever reason you can avoid it and rp or resource gather cycle as much as it keeps you entertained,

Don’t Starve has a final boss just a sad way of dealing with him but even that includes a new replay option for completion that doesn’t ruin the balance of the game just adds a new character.

As it stands there is 0 reason to get the keystone, why not add 1 or 2 reasons to seek it
the keystone itself. a carry over recipe or decoration, gear, or the various things mentioned by me earlier.

if they want to remove the mummy then nix the journey step
remove the lore from Gilzam saying the purge attacks you for the artifacts
remove the artifacts as leaving since you assess is not the interest of the player base anyway,
remove the lore from Khael and the archivist leading you to believe you should even consider trying to leave.

I was trying to press for some method to the rat race, but when I tell interested players there is absolutely no reason to kill the main bosses other than to kill them they ask why even bother.

Others are hopeful that they’re working super hard on polishing the “ending” of the exiled lands, perhaps rework the end of Isle of Siptah as well.

I’m sure the bigger interests are always the current bugs and I’m not trying to get attention detracted from that, I just want a date or a confirmation that there will be something that’s been “intended initially” for 3 years.

Well then the Mummy is the final boss so completes the Thoth Amon portion of the storyline on Exiled Lands.

right but isn’t implemented and we’re 3 years in. Huge update announced and now we’ll continue to wait. you can only fight him as his reportedly unfinished self by adding him via admin command. Mods are what the developers admits they listen to so modding him in perhaps to expedite his implementation. Modding a huge battle/ or a reward you can bring with you into a post escaped character to give the whole run an accountable enticement.

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