Surviving the Frost Temple?

So…No matter what armor I seem to equip, I cannot enter the frost temple? Does anyone know how I can do this now?

Tried bringing some spiced food along?

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I haven’t…Will that keep me alive? I have noticed that food effects are more important than ever now with the new healing methods. I could swear that when my hunger was high, I would lose stamina quicker…(Or it could be in my head)…Dreaming maybe.

Should be enough to get you through. Though if I remember right there’s still a couple of sections where you’ll still get to frostbite status no matter what.

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5 bars in cold resistance are needed, depending of your level =>

  1. get epic cimmerian on npc at the mounds of the dead + spiced meal
  2. farm some world bosses and hope for the shield Solspeil (or buy/trade one ^^)
  3. if you’re 60 : just craft an epic redeemed Legion set and you will be both fine with cold and heat issues :stuck_out_tongue:
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It’s only the first big hall that are really cold as far as I remember.

You can still farm all the black ice there without good enough cold gear. just farm to half life, run out and heal, run in and repeat.

The frost giants also drop tons of spiced food, so pretty rare you don’t get some there.

After the first big hall you’re ok without that great cold protection.

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Just get a cold shield with 5 bars.Must be equipped to work.Also heat shield for the VOLCANO.

Spicy food will make you very thirsty so you will have to carry a lot of water. Drinking water also cools you down btw. Good luck :slight_smile:
Personally I use tea over spicy food, if I have a choice

If you are cold or below, drinking water won’t cool you further down (only if you swim, but THANKFULLY you don’t have to swim in there!).
@dniezby get the ‘Pirate cuisine’ feat or craft mulled brew. It can be crafted after learning the Specialist cooking IX from Lian’s watch (or loot nordheimer and cimmerian chests)
Grab this and a torch and you are good to go.

Literally any armor + spiced food will do the trick.

Holding a torch will also heat you up.

Depending on your lvl you can do a lot of things , still it is a dungeon that in some places you must avoid fighting . So , I will right down things you must do to go there regardless your lvl , because in late game a godbreaker armor and and a solspeil(maybe I typed it wrong sry)shield is all you need to feel cozy inside there .

You must have at least 2 perks in vitality . You must have warming up food and no cooling drinks , or the best warming up drinks that doesn’t drop your humidity . Still being extremely cold or frost bite you humidity will fall , so fix some berry pulp that will help you gain humidity back without cooling you down . Berry pulp is a must have in cold areas . Now if you are lvl 60 but still you don’t have godbreaker armor , place 3 points on vitality , this will help a lot trust me :wink: .

Yeah, at least that’s how it used to be. Haven’t actually been in there for some time myself.

So, familiarize yourself with the place, check for spots where you don’t get damage and spots where you do, and try to avoid getting stuck in combat with the giants in the spots where you take auto-damage anyway.

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Thanks for all the suggestions but in the end, it turns out that we need to just be a lot more creative and prepared. It’s no longer a case of throw on 2 Tic Armor and you’re good to go. Now, it’s challenging just to prevent yourself from dying of the cold, and for me…it’s pretty awesome.

We did find a solution and we have been victorious at surviving the extreme temps.

In the end, it wasn’t simply “hold a torch” or “drink spiced food” because they both had their flaws. A torch prevents me from using a shield and preventing Coldsnap attacks…A Spiced food just makes you thirsty. Hot and thirsty. LOL.

So what does work? Specialist Cooking 9 has Mulled Brew - warming without drunkenness. Another suggestion was berry pulp…That works wonderfully as it doesn’t cool you down but does keep your thirst at bay. So, if you’re going to eat any spiced food, bring Berry Pulp instead of water.

Absinth and Firewater also worked well as a last “oh sh it” moment. Lastly, agro them out to YOU and don’t fight them on their turf. Bring them to “cold” areas rather than fighting in the extreme cold.

The suggestions for 3 points in vitality (I’m assuming you meant the 3rd tick or perk.) didn’t change anything as we all already have three ticks in vitality anyway. Godbreaker armor may work as it’s one of the few that remain with 2 Ticks Cold protection, however, it’s not one of our armors of choice so we don’t make it; except helmets.

i made a quick test : T4 armorer definitely give more cold/heat insulation (test made on 3 differents pieces of a light set (head-chest-pants) => without thrall = zero insulation bar / T4 armorer => +1 bar )

Literally any armor will do IF it is crafted by an armorer, haven’t tested with T1 or T2 but T3 and T4 armorers will give plenty of heat and cold insulation. Enough to be very comfortable in the temple.

Not since the update. Without the method I mentioned before, my entire party was wiped out by the frostbite. All of our armor was made in a garrison with a named armorer. So, armor alone will NOT keep you alive.

I’ve been there all day levelling up my thralls in redeemed legion armour and haven’t gotten past very cold. Is this on pc after 2.4?

It was long ago since I played the base game, but I remember we used vanir armor+ spiced food+alcohol+set antidote (if you had to drink to much alcohol). Maybe some other items but cant remember.

Now it doesn’t matter if you use vanir or darfari, base ones aren’t good for high/extreme temperature areas, and every epic one ar just as good for cold weather as for hot.
So the “…dress for the weather!” tip on the loading screen is totally obsolete…

Not totally, some armors do have more cold insulation, but it is less relevant now.