Suspended Lifted but still being target by same toxic players

This clan gets me suspended because they are transfer raiders and they failed. Now they trying to hit our base afterwards. Also I was informed they are going to report us for bombs falling through the map. I was in the process of moving from this area. My stuff still scatter everywhere. Creating a desk ticket not working. What should be the next stwps. Any feedback?


I can’t really offer much - as I’ve never had any problems like that. All the PVP servers I’m on are extremely well spirited, mature, and completely lacking any toxicity.

But I can tell you if I was experiencing what you’re claiming I would just leave. And if FC ever suspended or banned me from Officials I would never go there again for any serious play. So maybe that? Just leave? How about privates? Are there many in your ping area of under 100 (and hopefully under 50) that aren’t modded up?

Your temperament in these forums seems pretty level and cool headed so that’s a pretty good indicator to me that it’s not you. ~=shrug=~


Solution: leave and don’t go back. Change your in-game name as well and there is always the option to get your own server and password it, so you can keep undesirables out and you be the admin.
Just leave your stuff behind and start new somewhere else, or transfer with what you need to start a new ‘life’ on another server.


Yah if I leave I am not coming back due to the amount of effort that was put in. Only reason me and some clanmates are staying is to save the 190 thralls that are level 20 with high grade armour. Kinda sad those are the only options. I do agree if I get ban again I will just leave.

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Dude how many more threads are you gonna make? We’ve all seen your sickeningly massive urban sprawl, the ban stays and the more you cry about it the more justified it is

He hasn’t made that many topics here:

And although his base was likely an abomination to most people, he’s been pretty civil the entire time - better than you and I, probably.

Civil people don’t endlessly repost private DMs and spam every thread on the subject with pictures and videos of his flagrantly rulebreaking lag megacity. This list doesn’t include the hidden threads, of which I’m sure there’s plenty given how things are going.

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I still think you’re being over-sensitive… I read everything and only seen him post that specific info in other threads three or 4 times. And is there some reason he shouldn’t? His perspective is just as valid as yours and mine and you and I post our opinions a helluvalot more than he has - my goodness, it’s not even comparable…

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I’d say more just tired of coming on the forums, still hoping to see actual content like a fool and instead being greeted by the same hundred “boo hoo they deleted my megabuild” threads over, and over, and over. The bans are done, and whining won’t fix them. Maybe pay attention to the rules next time.

My valid perspective doesn’t include ignorance of the rules and an endless crusade to pretend I’m innocent when clearly I’m not

I do not PMs, I mostly just reply to other people threads. You been the most toxic on any forum. Some of my messages are sympthy with other conan players. Yet you try to bash or talk in a way to undermine people? From the perspective I have seen.

In addition, the rules if you notice are vague so that is a poor justication.

I get that… The good thing about these forum topics though, is that they’re clickable. We aren’t forced to read or participate in them - and thank gawd for that!


You’ve posted screenshots of private conversations multiple times.

And yet I’m not the one who got banned for lagging out half the map

Sympathy for other rightfully banned people

I talk in a way to justify the rules are rules. You broke them, the evidence is on the board. What’s done is done. I still wish game ban also equated forum ban, so we could finally be rid of this scourge

I don’t. Yeah, it can occasionally be irkful, but I have actually learned a few things from such threads. And opposition to rules is something I and all Westerners should cherish.

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Are you even reading the forums that people want clarification on rules and some type detail. I try to get the admin on the forum to view each person view and wanting a more detail explanation.

Clearly I am in the wrong when my base is gone and I got these guys trying to find a way to report because they couldnt beat us in pvp.

They literally have two clans one in low level to report you for attacking low level players and the attacking clan. They also message my alliance trying to convince them and telling them they going to report us. This is not including them trying to get ip address to ddos most likely by inviting to party chats.

My new base is less than 1k in foundation but they will try to get us to provoke us to say or do something slightly off the rules. Cant even write to people without them trying to let yourself be incriminated.

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Oh trust me, I am. You and I have a different understanding of what that means.

It’s asinine to keep asking for a set number. You say 5k pieces and someone with make 4,900 foundations and say they’re within the rules. You say 1k pieces and someone will make 900 foundations, while another (probably you, given your history) will cry it’s too low.

I think the clarity needs to be in the logic behind it. Many of you tend to struggle with logic sometimes, but it’s derived from this process called thinking about your actions and their consequences.

People need to understand and realize you’re not the only one on the server, you play by the rules and you share the space with others. Simply put, anything that can’t follow that needs to go. I can confidently say that any private server I’ve ever been on would instantly demolish what you’ve built. With no hesitation, and for many no warning. It’s grossly excessive and you absolutely missed the memo about not taking up too much space

Clearly me being a programmer I have no thinking skills.

I understand your point of view someone will cry about something. I do think 1k is consider to low and should be 10k due to the fact if the number is to low will force players to not build bases but cause them to vault spam. Which is just a ripple affect.

I never had an issue seeing huge bases because it gives the chance to raid something that has so many unkown variable in combat conditions. If I cant build in a spot I will build elsewhere? You make it seem a lot of people build in the spot I am so that justification on sharing a spot is null. Especially on a map that is big enough to accomadate more than 40 people.

The size of bases is not the issue but the fact like you said someone will find something to complain. I had to deal with mesher and pork thralls without any admin intervention. At least on those times we had control of our own base to how to counter them.

Either way my post does mention my suspenion but your missing the point that toxic players will find any means to try to get rid of you.

Rule breaking,
Provoking to say something to get you ban on ps or fc
Join party to get ip address
Use multiple accounts to report a player.

Its not an issue with the rules but the fact people will use something for their own advantage to gain ahead in the game.

It’s absolutely about the rules. Like I said, if anyone saw this on a private server it would have been wiped to dust the moment an admin laid eyes on it.

End of this line

(This is a line break, for reference)

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I’ve never gone over 5k, ever. If you can’t fit anything in a space that big then there’s absolutely a problem. And don’t tell me that it’s impossible on pvp, this is including back when I was also a greasy fence stacker on pvp servers. If you let someone build 10k pieces, again what stops them from building 9,900 foundations and then saying they did nothing wrong? When you hone in on such an arbitrary semantic, it’s just gonna be exploited even further because people will start abusing loopholes

I never stated that base was 10k pieces. That base was made in three years. Also the fact my clanmates wanted their own base. I might as well kick them to make their own base so im reality it would of been multiple clans in one area😐

That base original was 70k pieces and took me a month to remove 20k pieces when they enforce the rules. You are clearly trolling and trying to find a hole in the story.

I never said that. Read the quotes for context.

You’re the one out here endlessly reposting over, and over like you’re the victim. If anyone’s trolling, it’s you.

You posted a picture of the base and place in bold 10k pieces with question mark. What is that suppose to indicate besides what your main focus on. If i dont give a response than It just shows you were correct even though your not from my perspective. I was being respectful and stating I agree with some of your statement but it seems you cant find a way to think outside the box. This would be my last post for this thread.

Clearly your violating the forum rules by not staying on topic and bringing in negativity into a post for feedback.

Please follow the rules that is written.

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