Sven Mq Rebel Rambles

My gun shot shows my big D

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Big Danger, I assume.


Commissioned by Richard Sonnac. Did I say he was Sonnacab!tch before? Of course no… huehuehue. He says he likes this and will hang it in his office.

I told him to add to also order me a free Templar beret as tip. He will put in form.

SWL - Richard Sonnac Portrait (E3) dau s


mm yess big danger indeed

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Apocalypse Date

[Text message beep]

Sven: Did you get the package yet?
Carter: Yeah, I did. Are you sure I should put this on? What’s the occasion?
Sven: Just do it.

[Text message ends]

Ms Usher and Mr Montag, who’s always watching over Carter, are distracted with another disturbance in the school. Seriously they get an overload of mess on top of mess to deal with there. On the good side, this gives Carter just enough time to sneak out to follow the “Sven Plan”. Sven arrives at the place they agree to meet up at moments later after Carter does. It’s a bit farther from the Academy, but there’s enough green grass and open space there. He carries with him a backpack. Carter approaches him, feeling a little awkward.

Carter: So uhh… well, this is a lil weird because I never really wear something like this.
Sven: Babe, you look hot!!

His eyes scan her up and down, making Carter a bit shy.

Carter: Umm, thanks! So that’s the Templar uniform huh…
Sven: Yeah, too bad I can’t be wearing something to match ya. I was rushing… but I brought something!

He unpacks the bag and reveals two containers. It has a faint smell of something flavourful. Sven proudly unveils it.

Sven: Ta-da! I made it myself ya know… barbecued goodness for us both! And with sauce! But the chips I bought though…

Carter’s in a mix of confusion and surprise. She should’ve known, considering the new clothes, the sudden explosion, having to sneak out – what else could it have been if not a date! The thought of what Ms Usher and Mr Montag be feeling knowing she’s left with a hero for something rebellious like this bothered her a bit. But she wants to enjoy this moment.

Sven: So… uh… you don’t wanna eat?

Sven looks sad, that his energy and hers didn’t seem to match.

Carter: Uhm yeah! Let’s eat. Sorry, I was just thinking…

She takes a bite from her food. Seeing this, Sven starts to eat with much satisfaction. He asks what Carter means, but Carter just drops the topic.

Carter: I’m gonna call this the Apocalypse Date!

Sven: It’s got that ‘between life and death’ feeling, ya. I like it. Haha!

Carter: I haven’t had something like this in like forever!

As they eat, they talk about all that’s happened recently around them. Sven tells her of his missions, Ak’abs hugging him, going back in time at a haunted house and nearly killed by ghost duplicates… He feels happier as she seems intrigued by them. After they are done eating, he lies down on the grass, fulfilled.

Sven: There’s no way else to say this, but I really wish you could come with me…
Carter: You need my powers?
Sven: Mm ya and… more than that.

He puts on such a playful smile that Carter can’t help but smile back.

Sven: Do you think we could…?
Carter: I don’t know, Sven… my place is here…

Sven gets up, and leans closer to her.

Sven: I’m gonna spend every moment with you like it were my last.

Sven kisses her on the lips. Her cheeks turn pink.

Carter: You smell and taste like barbecue!

The two of them laugh it off and continue making out. The grey skies, the fog, it’s all chaotic, but right here in this moment where he’s at, it’s the most beautiful feeling ever. Sadly, as with everything, their fun time comes to an end as sunset draws near. Sven has to go off to complete a few missions. He feels deeply sad, but doesn’t want it to show.

Sven: I’ll come again some day… I’ll keep you up to date. In the mean time, send me nudes.
Carter: ???
Sven: Of couse I totally meant to say cute dog pics!
Carter: Your sense of humour is really –
Sven: Great, I know.

Carter chuckles. They wave goodbye, uncertain when they will see next.

So I met some guys at a bait shop on my way to Blue Mountain. Not much of em there but man I’m glad to even see survivors at this point.


I had to help a m!lf Ami with some Akab pest control, which was satisfying cuz I hate those things with a passion. Then at Blue Mountain, I go to Eleanor and help out with her haunted house.
That house was pretty cool, I could go back in time and see all the weird sh~t happening. One of the pasts was wintery and reminded me of my own home.

The memorable bit was that kid Thomas, multiples of him running around and when I get close it turns to some shadow creep!? All these is like some kind of past, but distorted. Damn, if history lessons were this immersive I’d probably be awake, lol

Ya, ya, that Eleanor said that her husband was going mental and everything’s talking about the Blue Ridge Mines. I’ve been to some mines and I know how places like that can make you go insane.

This place sure is something else though. They got these bots which my instincts tell me to just stay hidden the whole time. I inspected and they are called “Hate Machines”. Pretty dope name for a band.

Btw, now I know sasquatches are real. Ah fkkkk it I didn’t take a picture. But they are real!!!


Damn this mine! I’m going in and out of it like it’s a mall and the whole place is so dark. I brought my cat, ya but even the cat is scared of the dark so it doesn’t follow me!!

See? It stay in the light! It senses something.

Hey wait a sec, this guy’s here!!

I kinda blacked out after that…
… caaaat…


Just cooking legends in my spare time now.
Was I suppose to reactivate the wards in town before ■■■■ blows up? Ya, ya…
Ah nice burnt legend.


I think you left some burnt ones in Tokyo.

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Darn , I keep getting distracted with my cooking, hahaha

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Ok time to ■■■■ up Beaumont for good.

Big bad old man think he tough? well… you can dream, but you’re gonna suck. I got the gun, the spirits, baby, turn it up

Now let me have that sword, biches!!



Where the ■■■■ am I

This whole place is a mess, and there’s some dude on the speaker talking things. Wait, is it in my head?!!

He said something about me being used, that he’ll give me a gift. I saw a purple gift. I wanted to take it, but I,… uh… accidentally fell and entered a wall while tryna take a selfie.

picture taken seconds before the big oof:

Calendar worthy, ja? Well, if the picture can show on phone, it means this wasn’t a dream, yet it kinda felt that way. Mm…


Finally some chill time, and I don’t mean that Arctic limbo. I went back to London. I didn’t get to travel much here the last time so now I get to check out the local scene. I went to The Crusades. This place is dope.

I had some drinks, sang some songs. (I usually sing better after a few drinks ya know). I was there with Sal (the pink-haired cat ear girl in the pic). She’s a fellow Templar too.

Then we headed to check out the Museum. It’s a spooky place, like libraries… with that curator teleporting up to our ■■■■■… like… ease up buddy.

That’s our fave daug, the Incubator, or as we call it “Freak”. Lol. We have yet to explore the other wings, but maybe later time. Real reason I was in London is cuz Sonnacabich called me.

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Things that never happened


mm yeah imma lick those boots clean for ya babe

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Me: Goes for intense training, gets enlisted in Special forces
Also me:

damn ya orochisss


I was excited to go Egypt for the next mission, but when I got there… well… I was expecting nice golden buildings and a beautiful oasis, but reality is:

I discover a beard man who claims himself Aten prophet who leads cultists, and his not-so-negotiable black dude friend. Beard man is supposed to get artefacts, and they gonna ship it somewhere. I gotta make sure this doesn’t happen… idk

Then black dude has another friend crispy skeleton dude Said. Said seems to be that chill guy who’s not bothered by anything. Cool buddy.

I went exploring also. I read this, W O B BLE

and this… DAMN

bet you didn’t expect me to be so good at reading human languge huh!


^ guy was flirting with me. Why does everyone think I am gay.

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Said is cool and seems to have some style.

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In my attempt to stop cultists, I get caught by beard man. He has some kind of anti-magic barrier that doesn’t allow me to use spells. I have felt this before in my universe, where they use this kind of strategy in police station. It’s discriminative!! Ugh, humans… damn you EGYPT!

But they weren’t counting on me being good at brawling! Hah!

Anyway… one cool thing about Egypt is that they have a time tomb! In my universe this time travel is forbidden, but here wooooo let’s go kick Roman butt!!!

Real objective: I make duplicate of an object called Ancile and put copy at past and give the original to my best friend Said. It’s genius! I put the original Ancile under a statue while I am in time travel to the past, and when I get back in the present, I go to the statue and dig up where I put it! So now I give to Said the original one…

… wait… did he … just throws it away??? WTF

Do you know how many times I got zapped in the ■■■ by Roman guard to get that done? And I had to get raw material and everything! UNGRATEFUL BASTARD !!