Swamp Event crashing players

The Swamp Event crashes any player who comes near it. Getting stuck in a crash loop and unable to log back in while the event is going on.

Can you give more info please?
Do you play single player or online?
If you play online can you name the type of your server and if it’s official or private? If it’s official, which one?

Private online RP server with 40 slots.
It happened during the event by the swamp obelisk, everyone got into a crash loop as soon as they approaced the area. A server reset seemed to solve the issue at the time. Haven’t heard more reports of this happening since then.

That event has lightning storms spawning, which have been known to crash players - especially on older consoles. This affected everyone. One player theorized additional lightning storms could have overlapped the original one by a fault in the game. No way for us to know for sure.

We are wary of going there during this event. The server has been running for a few years without a wipe, could it a be memory issue?

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