SWE/EU Valhalla Server 5x/5x WIPED June 29th 19.15


Raid times Mon-Fri 17-24 and 14-01 Sat-Sun.
2 vaults/Per Clan.
NEW Raiding rule= You are NOT Allowed to build/repair during an active raid.
Clan size 7.
No gods/bubbles.
No blocking spawns and passages such as Vulcano/Silver ore spawn.
New update on the “Alliance Tribe” situation . Tribes of 3 or less can make an alliance to take down a bigger tribe, this alliance an be of MAX 7 players at a time and can only be in a Alliance during that raid or pvp encounter there will be NO "we will always raid together and protect one and another crap (as this will make the alliance way to powerful). A Alliance are NOT allowed to be formed to attack smaller tribes! This is ONLY to attack big clans of 6-7 players! A Alliance of Bigger tribes to make a “Tribe war” can be requested to an Admin.

To report someone you NEED to have evidence such as Pictures/video
You will now ONLY get 3 strikes from an admin
1st Warning and a kick
2nd Ban for 24 hr
3rd Ban until next wipe

You are NOT Allowed to Exploit or cheat this will lead to a PERMANENT ban

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