Swift pathing not working

I have more than 4000 achievement points on my main toon. But when i try to port with Path of Asura, it is slow as usual. Swift pathing is not working.
I tried to refresh everything at the achiever npc, but it still doesn’t work.

Oh my other toon with more than 4000 points, swift pathing works.

Is there a way to make it work on my main too?

Once you reach 4k points, you should get an item in your inventory. Using it, will grant you the Swift Pathing bonus.
If one of your characters didn’t get it, I’d try to talk with one of the Chroniclers of Deeds and reclaim your rewards.

What do you mean by “slow as usual”? The time which is needed until the cast is done or the cooldown of the ability?

Cast-time remains the same but cooldown reduces i think. But yeah its some red item you consume in inventory

There’s two you get path of Ahriman which is the red one with bones which has a short cool down and path of azura which is a longer cool down bothtake the same time to teleport but the former has a shorter CD

I have the same cooldown for ariman and asura.

path of asura / path of comrades / path of ahriman= 30mins cd
veteran path from veteran token reduces 10mins cd
swift path from achievement reduces 10mins cd
so fastest cd time is 10mins, if different char has different cd time , your char may missing one of those path.