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Ah yes I forgot about the cutscenes. They defenitely felt at times a little bit dated especially with your character being void of any sort of emotions most of the time or just looking dumbfounded. But it was sweet that they have cutscenes for every mission. It think that is something that still is not very common to see in most MMOs.

This conversion made me go back to TSW and play for an entire day and throughout the weekend. It was a freakin blast. I think I finally found an awesome build that will keep me alive with my crappy gear. We had a group of about 8 and completed a couple lairs. I still haven’t felt like playing SWL lately.

Maybe I’ll log in sometime I don’t remember if I ever saw you in SWL before

No. Definitely not. I didn’t play with anyone over there. I played completely solo. The summoning is weird in TSW. Cool though.

I miss the Super Jack summoning ritual in TSW. It was always so much fun to do.The SWL one is so dull in comparison and lacks all the excitement of the original. It still makes me sad that we can’t do it anymore.


Double Super Hels was fun too.


And the gigantic golems out in the world. I remember when I first started I kept seeing those and thought they were just a part of the game. I had no clue it was an event. Luckily I came upon a group of people fighting one so I joined in. I got a silver shem pet. Still didn’t know what the heck was going on lol. I know they tried to make EVERYTHING convenient by sticking it all in Agartha, but they really did take a ton of the excitement and fun out of the game. I wish they’d bring back nightmare areas too. I’m trying to get Tokyo O Captain mission done in a TSW at the moment, and I keep dying. I keep working on my build and it’s getting better and better and getting easier to get through it. So fun.


Indeed. Finding and following a Gatekeeper, announcing it in #event chat and meeting people along the way as he walked (incredibly slowly) to the spawn point then summoned the golem was loads of fun.


Giant world bosses were a mixed bag. At first they were cool because hey events are fun. But then you could tell they were lacking budget/time/ideas because every event ended up having (black) but huge!

And the engine can’t handle that many people fighting a thing very well so it would turn parts of a map into a death zone where you would probably get murdered by standing in some poop (these are forums for an M rated game are you kidding me with that language censor?) you didn’t see because you had single digit frames.

Best way to fight a world boss was plink it once and then go grind missions elsewhere while everyone else killed it.

That was probably a big part why bosses got moved to argatha, were you could just make a small side instance instead of lagging people out on the worldmap.
A lot of changes between TSW and SWL seem to me in line with making the game work better around the limitations and weaknesses of the engine.

Back in the day, hunting bosses out in the wild was an event activity by itself. “Spotters” would memorize spawn points and boss pathing and run around the world looking for spawns. There were no map markers to indicate bosses and the only teleport we had available was the Agartha Conduit on a 30-minute cooldown (which was the inspiration behind AgarthaChristy, btw). Eventually we got map markers, anima leaps, etc.

I understand the reasons behind the changes, but hourly spawns feel quite artificial and sterile by comparison.


One of my favourite bits in the game overall


Yeah, events were a lot more fun and required more cooperation from the community back in TSW. The last Halloween event in TSW was a great example. I was fortunate enough to tag along with some of the groups that were working to figure out the various mysteries of the event. It blew my mind how amazing some of the players were at deciphering the little clues. And of course, figuring out how to empower the Rider summons was only half the battle. Then it required a lot of teamwork to actually pull it off in time. I remember joining a group that spent 24 hours straight the last day of that event organizing the summons. It was exhausting but tons of fun.

Let’s not forget the rewards for actually participating were a lot better, too. In SWL the best event rewards come from just logging in every day. If you have all the cosmetics that the hourly bosses drop (either from the TSW transfer, or from the previous event since there’s little or nothing new) joining the fight is a matter of going through the motions for the sake of something to do. Blue distillates are nowhere near as enticing as a chance for purple signet bags.

Now there have been a few welcome additions to some of the events, but that has been mostly community-organized stuff. The scavenger hunts have been really fun, and there was even some crazy person giving away millions of MoFs worth of stuff just for knowing some random movie trivia during that last event. As long as stuff like that keeps up, I’ll be tempted to log back in during events to participate. But overall, the weaker events are yet another telltale sign that SWL doesn’t have the same talent or resources that were once available to work on TSW.


While I agree with this, I still question the wisdom of, “Make the game less interesting as a ‘fix’ for a bad engine.”

The only SWL event that hat me engaged anywhere near as much as TSW events was Whispering Tide, and much of that was probably due to my having missed that one in TSW.

EDIT: And tbh, having read about the TSW version, I’m fairly certain that one was better in the original, too.


I don’t think the SWL version had Emma appearing at the end of the event and cleansing the Tokyo portal or the thousands of filth birds flying overhead. That was a brilliant finale. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZ2PdFnCsZY

The SWL version had the oblivion of flappies (hey, if drunk 15th century Englishmen can make up silly names for flocks of various birds, so can I) flying overhead. I don’t think there was an Emma, though.

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Whispering Tide worked better in SWL because it had a definite end date. It served as a stop gap event to occupy people during the leadup to Tokyo and IIRC ended up running long due to there being issues. That’s part of why Tokyo launched super anemic, WT was only fun for so long and they pushed out a bare bone Tokyo just to have something.

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That’s a fair point. It did go on for a bit too long but I enjoyed it all the same. Each stage was different enough to not get boring and I tried to run each stage at least once a day. The end with everyone gathered in Agartha was so much fun.

I’m jealous

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It’s hard to understand how people can still compare a masterpiece with a scam… Some, though, seem to have still faith in Funcom, what is worrisome because we’re nearly in 2020 and season 2 hasn’t really started yet.

In a way, that gives me a glimmer of hope because that makes me think Funcom may keep the storyline for a hypothetical TSW2 which, in my opinion, is the only way to reconcile with its community.