SWL Halloween Event?

When does the Halloween event usually start?

I also heard a rumor that Halloween would be reactivated in TSW if we were able to get fifty players online and playing TSW. I can’t be inclined to believe that without proof. Anyone else heard this?

Haven’t heard it. Neither officially nor unofficially and since TSW hasn’t been supported so far I doubt the validity of it.

As far as date goes the most likely time we can guess right now is around 10th/11th but that is assuming it runs like last year and hasn’t changed in the slightest, realistically we are in the dark and will probably know of it relatively short before it.

2018: https://www.secretworldlegends.com/2018/10/11/samhain-2018/

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Last year the Samhain event started on October 16, I believe.

Not heard any kinds of rumors like that, although I would seriously doubt that happening.

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I personally think the TSW thing was a ruse to get people on. I heard a “cabal friend of a friend” said it while playing the other day. Other players online said they would announce it online, but I won’t believe it or announce without proof. I just can’t know for sure.

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I heard it too. I don’t know if there is any truth to it but I announced it on Twitter on the slim offchance it was true. We have nothing to lose really.

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Yeah, I know you were online at the same time and said you were going to announce it.

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Just over a year ago, a group of new players landed in TSW headed by a woman. Her business IRL was to provide beta testers for video games companies and she was interested by the potential of TSW. Based on what I heard, she discussed with Funcom and Funcom said if she was able to get 100 regular players online, they could consider to resume the development of TSW.

I don’t know if this story is true or not but we could give it a try.

If only this applied to SWL lol


I would love to see more Developement in Classic TSW

If u wanne hop back

I’m in there and have been lately.

It’s one of the most fictional things I’ve ever heard, if that helps you reach a decision :v:


Considering 100 regular players apparently aren’t even enough for Funcom to bother with the new and, loosing the term very loosely, improved SWL, that seems beyond doubtful.

Tbh, at this stage, I don’t think I’d care for Funcom to continue developing either; the engine is clearly subpar and there’s apparently no overcoming that (the way this game is giving people performance problems, Dreamers almighty…).

Maybe Funcom can figure out how to do a good MMO in a good engine with that Dune project; if so, a TSW2 in that engine might be interesting.

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There was a short mention that SWL Halloween starts tomorrow/thursday and a Zero Point Report interview with Andy about Moons of Madness and the event.

No mention of TSW so even more unlikely that that comes true.


I was told it was said last year (I think). It wasn’t some announcement. I’m guessing what they were saying is that cabalmate had asked someone, and what they were told is if 50 players are playing, they will reactive the event.

This is correct and looking forward to the show tomorrow night.

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October 10th.



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So is there ANYTHING new for this event of did they not even bother to add missing Samhain stuff from TSW?


Nope. No sign of the Seven Silences missions anyway. If that’s not a clear sign that the game is dead and buried, I don’t know what is.


Agartha has a lot of people today. Good to see so many people coming back. I still have hope for the game. Even Anarchy Online is still up. They are probably just working on other projects. At least they are not like EA and just shut a game down.