Swlcalc, gear planner for SWL

Hey uppastbedtime and thank you :slight_smile:

Yeah since I don’t play the game anymore I just learned quite recently about this “new” 4th pip :smiley: I had not so much time to spend on swlcalc recently but I will be able to work on some updates soon.

If it’s not too much trouble could you or anyone :

  • confirm/invalidate that elaborate quality doesn’t exist for Standard and Superior rarities ? (there’s no figures for these ones in the SWL Gear and Theorycraft spreadsheet)
  • provide me a picture of this 4th pip IG ?

As for the first I’d think that’s because you have to be pretty endgame to access Elaborate Glyph Imbuers so people just use them on their gear which is mostly mythic/legendary. Next time I’m about to make one I’ll test though (currently at ~260/300 fragments, so maybe 3 days)

Thanks for taking a look! I have been selling all my fragments for aurum recently so I don’t have any on hand to test with. I can get you a picture of my sole 4 pip mythic fierce.

The imbuer can only be used on purple or better glyphs, so there are indeed no green or blue glyphs with four pips.
Regarding pictures, this shows all five glyphs at the end of the feature.

Ok perfect that’s all I need, thank you all guys for your help :slight_smile:

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v1.5.1 released :slight_smile:

New feature(s) :

  • Elaborate quality (4 pips) now available for glyphs .

Other change(s) :

  • Better display of items descriptions : added colorization (orange, green, red) on every figures.
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Hello, I just released the v2.0.0 “UI v2” of swlcalc.

New feature(s) :

  • UI redesigned. Gear slots are now displayed in a more compact way and organized as in-game. Edition is now made through pop-up windows.

As usual don’t hesitate to give your feedback :slight_smile: