Sword of Crom Admin control

Hi, I play on a private Xbox one server. Have been farming the skeleton boss in the unnamed city for near two weeks now. Not only does he not drop the sword of Crom, but he doesn’t seem to be dropping any legendary weapon anymore. My question is on a gportal private server, can the admin prevent the sword of Crom from dropping at all?

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It’s more likely just a streak of bad luck. Those can happen.


Just two weeks? Took me over a month to get the red mother bow, another month and a half to get the lifeblood spear (and then FC nerfed it). RNG can be a major pain in the …


if the weapons drop easy everyone would be in unnamed city, believe me it can take longer, the chances increases if the boss gets killed faster

from experience i speak…anyway good luck in the future, but dont expect 2 weeks will be enough, remmeber it can take longer sometimes


Only on PC, and only with mods.

2 meses y medio para obtener eso? Yo suelo obtenerlo casi todo en 3 o 4 días cada ves que entro a un servidor nuevo

Over a year now.
2 cupboards FULL of fragment of power, I even found a black tusk shield in a chest at Stargazer’s Crest but nooooooo sword.
And I’m playing solo so no helping friends in farming.

Somethings take time, ohh and all 3 skeleton bosses have a chance to drop it. Meanwhile put Nortis or aja bane on follower.

Still no torch of the red mother for me.

Not on my ps4 gportal server. Maybe on a modded PC server

Like @Taemien said sorry I should have finished reading all posts

PC, it is possible, but it would be a mod. console, no. they can’t mess with under the hood .db stuff. Just some extra useless sliders on G-Portal side that tend to not do much outside of confuse the server owner.

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If you want help from friends in a private game, just invite them to your game when you get ready to fight the boss…sure there’s a tether, but if you just need them for the boss fight, it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Deberías jugar la lotería entonces. Desearía tener tu suerte.

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What’s your source on this? It sounds very unlikely that they would have such parameters.

I’m a single player mostly beacuse none of my friends have this game :sob:
And I don’t like playing with strangers.
Maybe I’m gonna sacrifice one of my slaves! Since I play as a darfari, eating them would even help.

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Yeah… I get that… I only have one friend that plays this game too…

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