Sword of Crom nerf

I’m sorry for your loss, the legacy SoC will likely be just as useless as all the rest. :sob:

@den specifically said the changes to thralls would be retroactive but perhaps he can tell us why the SoC needed to be nerfed. :man_shrugging:

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That’s a pity.

Because Crom said do for yourself. My sword, my rules. :rofl:

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I tested this with max Str and max Agility, it works. However, it means no combos which makes it less damage than attacking with a standard weapon that can be used in combos. It also means this was a (semi) viable option even if thralls could still deal damage with SoC, so again, why nerf it in this manner?

Reason? I can’t tell you. But it can be used (albeit poorly).

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Yeah, the question “why” wasn’t directed at you, just a general plea to know why…

I also tested a blunted fitting and gave it to my thrall, but the target NPC’s conscious meter just disappears, it will not KO anything. Target NPC may have been bugged, I’ll keep testing. More likely though, Funcom has just disallowed it’s use on a thrall for any purpose at all, In which case, why did they even allow thralls to equip it? So many questions. :expressionless:

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Fiz o teste realmente somente o golpe simples que está funcionando, o golpe mais pesado não funciona:


What if, by not learning/starting with any religion, you can use the SoC like any other greatsword? Once you know a religion, you are permanently stuck with draining all your stamina in one swing, forcing you to recreate a religion-less character just to eventually use SoC normally?

I’m not familiar with the lore side of things, but it seems less of a waste than making SoC a one swing pony for players.


@Ricojes Português PT-BR Não acho que o assunto que você está iniciando é do mesmo tema que estamos falando aqui.

The majority of weapons in 3.0 update are like SoC.

Devs didn’t replace attribute bonuses with some new so after the attributes system rework majority of weapons and items are worthless and not worth the time spent on farming.

99% of EL Unnamed city weapons and armors are useless and have better craftable variants.
To be honest 99% of the whole EL map provides useless items.
It’s not about “Wow that’s a cool sword I’m gonna use it.” It’s more about “Oh boy I hope I can dismantle this piece of junk.” Only weapons with specific dots and unique effects still retain some value.
Siptah delved and legendaries suffer from the same issue after 3.0 rework.


There is one glaring difference between what you’re talking about and what happened to the SoC. I agree, legendary weapons have been lack luster and in dire need of some love for years. Additionally, the 3.0 update omitted or reduced some modifiers on Siptah gear (that used to be BiS) making them quite bland. However, Funcom didn’t make a patch notes entry about all the other gear you’re mentioning, stating they would reduce damage dealt to zero.

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SoC just joined the useless branch and new update just reintroduces the old issue aka
majority of content is not worth doing.
Why would I farm UC except for some shards? But at the same time I can just do UC chests run+ Wine cellar dungeon chests run for shards simply ignoring 99% of content provided by the game?

SoC was one of the few actual rewards for doing UC content and now it’s obsolete.
They seriously need to rework UC and Siptah delved/legendary items.

Armor delving wise only Survivalist armor worth something and only because Survivalist hood provides 2 stat bonuses +% agility damage and carry weight.
Every other armor provides the same bonuses normal crafted gear provides but costs a rare resource.

EL is even worse armor-wise.
The moment you acquire Dragonhide and SL you acquire the best armor sets on the map. That’s it.
Then you simply run sunken city dungeon and Black Keep for weapon recipes and you have BiS pvp and pve wise.


I don’t agree with a lot of what you’re saying but that’s because I play PvE. You talk about BiS from a PvP perspective that baffles me. I like to carry a bunch of stuff with me at all times, stuff that you may laugh at me for wanting but every task has it’s own BiS slot gear, not just fighting.

I carry a Glimmering Moon, a Lovetap as well as a Heavyweight truncheon & Binding of the Dead at all times. I carry 3-5 legendary keys as well as Ancient and Inner Sanctum keys at all times. I carry Commander Helmet, Dragonscale Helm, Blind Sight as well as an epic Black Dragon chest and legs piece at all times. I have Breath of Red Mother and Reach of Red Mother as well as Twice-Upon-an-Arrow, explosive, starmetal and blunted arrows on me at all times.

I seriously doubt you would consider carrying most (or any) of those things in PvP with the risk of losing them, but we play different games it seems, and that’s okay.

This I agree with, :point_up_2: there are only a half a dozen items (or less) left in Unnamed City worth grinding and SoC was one of them. :sleepy:

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Most of the items you mentioned are utility with much cheaper and easier-to-get variants in the same type or via easier to get consumables.

And even in pve majority of those items arise questions like “Should I really spend my time on acquiring (for example) Binding of the Dead or i can simply craft 2 normal bindings and this will perform the same.”

“Oh damn I better get a temperature legendary shield before going to Volcano.” or you can just whack an ice node few times and simply eat ice to decrease your temp.

Maybe there’s some value to those items due to new transmog system but it’s hardly worth spending hours upon hours on farming some specific item with an effect you can easily get from low lvl low time investment items.

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As I said, you and I have different perspectives and different priorities, we play different games. But at least we seem to agree that SoC was one of the few Items in UC worth grinding for and it has now been needlessly taken away.

But, as I said, SoC is only part of the much grander problem.
Majority of UC and now Delved Siptah items are not worth time investment due to stats or even drip transmog hunt due to overuse of the same armor and weapon models.

Legendary armors and weapons should be…Legendary?
or maybe they just should rename those to “Unique”, but again those are not quite unique due to overuse of the same models. They didn’t even bother to remove parts of the original armors.
Like Shemite light chest piece without scarf, simply changing the color of a sword. Just to give at least some value to those items.

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Just some examples:

Yes, legendary weapons need love, agreed. This thread is about SoC nerf, not every other weapon in the game. I keep trying to pull your comments back on topic, but you’re getting farther and farther off.

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My suggested fix:

“Reintroduce SoC back to thralls but nerf the damage if it’s too high.”
But I feel like it’s another Lifeblood spear situation.

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Nerfing damage is better than disallowing thralls to use it.


My thrall can handle the gladius.
So its a thrall weapon too.