Swords are awful

I’ve tested it. The legendary Gavain’s Rusty Pike out damage my Telith’s sword.

It doesn’t stop there though. The combos seem lack luster and they just aren’t as fun to use. The low tier is terrible to hunt with as well.

Swords are a let down.

Every weapon has its place and can be useful. The one-handed sword can be used with a shield in thrall hunting. You can block arrows then use the first 2 heavy attacks as pin point gap closers, so you don’t inadvertently take out the named thrall beside the one you’re killing. Thrall hunting is one time you do not want AOE, so the 2-h sword and battleaxe are entirely useless when they clump together (although those are my favorite two for PVP).

I thought the mace was completely useless, until I ran across a whole lot of shield bearing thralls that just stand there and block, then attack once in a blue moon. The mace busts right through the shields (same with war hammer) so that you aren’t bouncing back constantly.

Pikes with their great range and pinpoint attacks are wonderful for taking on world bosses, where you kite around and poke them in the butt for 15 minutes. Not a fan of using it in PVP though, as it’s too easy to side step out of the attack.

Then there are the daggers, which takes some finesse to use, but can put some serious bleed damage on when used correctly. A couple of light attack closers, then go to town on the bleeding heavy attacks.

(And yes… A 2-h pike should out damage a 1-h sword that can use a shield to block some damage…)

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You do know swords are worthless. Do you read damage. Dragons all versions boss and little ones makes swords useless. I ask do you read damage for 1 reason. A spear with 48 damage and 9.9% armor penetration should out damage a sword with 53 damage and 10.5% armor penetration? How does this makes sense?