Sync Entertainers

I like to use the Entertainers as decorations for my bases. But, its kind of annoying to see them dancing different dances or moving in the same dance but at different stages. Could you make it so that Entertainers within a certain range from each other sync up? So that they do the same dance at the same time?


I don’t know, that might make them feel even more synthetic… I’d be all for more options and (above all) more control of entertainers (and give me musicians, poets, painters while you’re at it :wink: ). But I’m not sure distance-syncing is where it’s at.

Musicians would be nice. Poets would be eh. Painters? I’d rather be able to paint objects myself. Change the color of my building blocks.

Oh sure if I had to pick one of the two I’d go for the paintable buildings, too.

I second musicians:

Cross-legged in the corners around dancers, the dancer just dance most of the time to no music, it would be fun and more realistic if an appropriate music was added the near one gets to the group.

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