Syra Brennerhet (volcano dancer) is still spawning?

is she still spawning in the volcano? noone has ever seen it again . since quite some time.

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I’ve never seen her once, and I have a good number of hours in the game, many of them spent in the volcano thralling. I didn’t know she existed until the other day that I was looking at a T4 dancer list.

I found her today on official server :grinning:

Then there is still hope.
I have seen every T4 worker thrall at least 4-5 times by now, not to mention countless named fighters and archers, but not a single Syra

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The only named performer I’ve seen post mounts has been Ansina Hidden Daggers who I never saw before and have seen twice since. I mean, I named a T1 thrall “Buck” and a T3 thrall “Diamond Cherry”, but its just not the same…

where did that spawn?

I’ve seen Syra Brennerhet a few weeks ago, but it wasn’t where she usually spawned, but down in the well of Skelos, don’t know if it was just a random thing :slight_smile:

That she does.


Yes I usually saw her there as guard by the stairs or up at the altar… btw I’ve always wondered why named females mostly have insanely small boobs :joy:


T3 Entertainers may skate by on their looks, but T4 Entertainers are so named because of PURE TALENT. :rofl:


I AM klilling with rtespawn time set to zero in that location sera, and no performers , only daicas the sharp and spinas, likes to spawn there, i am yet to find a single performer in that spawn point.

let me ask you , when did you took that screenshot?

i will keep killing to see if it spawns

Yeah that’s why I prefer level 3 entertainers, never use them for anything than decorative anyway, they don’t really offer anything worth while as a follower :slight_smile:

Which is a good thing, considering we can’t heal them anyway. Dancers are potted plants who only serve to remove corruption.

Why cant you heal them? I can heal mine.

Probably referring to not being healed with the healing arrows as you can with other thralls.

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Because size doesn’t matter, of course. :grin:

Has anyone who has ever uttered that phrase truly believed it? :grin:

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She was my last NPC from volcano faction… got her 2-3 weeks ago.

She was running around the Oracle.

Try the people at the Shrine/Oracle and the 1 NPC who runs around there. For me it was the one who runs around there.

Last week or so, She spawns in several of those spots.

Caught her at (as) one of spot were they pray and stand, on both sides of stairs(pictured) Seen her on one of paths, didnt really pay attention to that one.

I “use” to see her almost ever trip thru there, last patch made t4’s abit rare. I dont often catch as many in Volcano.
Compared to Sepurmuharararararara or w/e spelling was. Were I find 5-6+ of them about.