Szeth going "over" the mesh

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Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE]
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  1. Enter Szeth’s cellar/dungeon
  2. Press Szeth’s against the wall with your thralls or weapon (using a two handed hammer). Preferably in that chamber before the one where you find Szeth. The one with the wooden ceiling.
  3. Szeth then enters/“is absorbed” by the wall, disappears, and reappears over the mesh (I think…), over the wooden ceiling, where he is unreachable. I know he goes there because I can see his health bar.
  4. Thus, you have no option but reenter the dungeon… Making it really frustrating if you want to farm Szeth’s Truncheon.

Not sure if it’s especially also a singleplayer game issue.
But i have often troubles that bosses spawn anyway in vaults, and have to leave, and redo it all over again, this in the hope, this time he may be here.
These guys are spooky as hell.

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