T Shirt fabrics

which is the best fabric material to design a sport T Shirt?

Anima Infused Mesh

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What a cryptic discussion… Am I to conclude that we can create clothing in-game?

There is no way to make ingame shirts from playerside.
I think they mean real life.

So, where are they going to get ‘Anima Infused Mesh’? :smiley:

I think that was a joke.

I think so too. A pity though; I’d have loved to get me an anima-infused t-shirt!

I mean you could make a UV sensitiv shirt but it would prolly be expensive. Sadly hits the opposite effect, but would still be pretty cool. Got shirt with a black line print of wolves on it. When it get exposed to UV it colors in quite vibrantly.

Im fairly sure glow in the dark is also something that could be printed, not sure how lasting it would be though