T3 crafted 2hd blunt (Shillelagh of Soggoth)

You should guys enjoy those hits and be grateful… What a selfish community :neutral_face:

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PS. I do have this weapon, and I never hit even a mage for more than 2,4k with all buffs on my barb. Over 3k crits are sucked out of finger

I don’t want to join the discussion whether it should be fixed or not because I have no idea how hard it would nerf the BS but to be honest, this argument is very weak.
Why should someone enjoy getting hit by high crit from a weapon that is extremely expensive and additionally bugged?

Do you enjoy getting killed by overpowered pay to win (aka expensive, since most people using that weapon probably bought the gold from gold sellers, I got several friends who openly confess that they regulary buy from them and then bought this weapon) weapons in shooter games? I don’t think so.

like I said, it’s extremely rare! only with sick teambuffs on occasions, or if a caster spent too long in SW. in those cases I personally believe it can be warranted!

Do you know what irony is?
I gathered materials on my own for 2 shillelaghs, this thing was too time consuming and expensive to get. And now all those who cant afford 2hb whine like little kids.
As others said before, players do not tend to preload combos on the target in pvp too frequent. I love this weapon in PvE as it is and I dont want to have it changed. Watch YouTubers playing their toons with shillelagh and count how often you see those crits and tell us numbers. I want to see those 3k crits

What an argument “don’t fix it because it’s expensive and i have it” ! This is really a “lulz” situation. Why u even bother posting something like this in a bug report thread?

This is not a general discussion thread man, don’t waste people’s time with this kind of comments.

I will reroute you to this thread for more kid like comments like yours

Since you cite me :sunglasses: I think ethics in games is not easy to answer and with both decisions you harm someone. So both sides on the coin are difficult. Personally I feel that if something is like 5 y+ in the game and has even been investigated in the past its not totally wrong to state that the playerbase can assume it works like it does. Like if you use a road for x years and no one saying against it you earn at some point the right to use legally… the only way out is buffing other items IMO.

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Please fix T3 crafted blunt and buff T3 pvp weapon to T4 pve weapons’ level.

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People crafted this blunt either knowingly about white crits bug, then they should have realized it can be fixed in some future. Or they crafted it without knowledge of bug having other motivator for investing into weapon. So defending the issue by crying how hard it was to get is not accepted.
One thing is sure this needs to get fixed being lamest bugs just granting power to select few without any effort.

PS i got blunt on conq


I just tested the white hit damage on this weapon on a straw dummy and found out it averages out around 400-500 for white hits and crits for about 700-900 on white hits. It seems to have a passive 10% crit chance. for every 10 white hits it will crit once at least but not more than once per 10 hits. It will also miss once per 10 hits. so take that for what it’s worth. Combo damage is significantly higher than white hit damage. i think the people who made this thread never really experimented with it to see what it actually does.

In comparison the t3 pvp 2hb does approx half the passive damage/crit damage on white hits as the sogoth but has about the same passive crit and miss chance of 10%.

So the sogoth hits harder. why is this surprising anyone considering how hard it is to obtain? it should hit harder than standard weapons.


I Read all of this and it is so funny. I dueled on my hox vs a lot of bs’s and differ between bs with sogoth and with another weapon is totally big. Moreover i very often get 2k-3k white critical hits on me from starter of combo and after that gain 1k-2k dmg from combo from sogoth’s bear :smiley: It’s not normal. And i have bs with sogoth…it’s really OP weapon, which give chances to get kills on mini much faster and easier by white overpowered crits. Sometimes i oneshots clothie armor when do 2k crit from starter+crit combo… And after that u wanna say it’s ok for bs? Moreover i can’t name bs is a weak class as wrote here lurvi, that this class can’t do anything without sogoth…he can do great dmg with t1 pvp if u know how of course… use silence bear and hit in target on x5 crash armor isn’t a big deal ;D


why are you twisting my words? I never said BS can’t do anything without sogoth… or that it is a weak class… I said its very balanced, and has been so for a long time with this blunt along in the equation (more than 8 years).

first of all, I’d like to see the true “oneshot” you mention. it honestly never happens unless stars were to align, but most of all its a result of undergear or poor gear choice like t6 gear/no con accessories and rune of exile proc… so its a result of the late idiocy found in exile buff for instance. insane combo crits are NOT related to the blunt, which has inferior combo damage to other weapons!

people who can’t express reality shouldn’t be posting about these things…

if FC wanna fix imbalances, they might wanna use their resources on actually broken stuff, like the tos crit damage stacking among other extreme exploitables. and the CONQ, like norther has said before in the DT discussion thread… Conq is the real evil. Sogoth is only epic, not evil.

It’s the same story of AoC nature again. Want the best gear? you will have to do some PvE for it (look at raidfinder and khitai/t4 grind back in the day)
Until they knowingly do some changes around that too (which Im all for to change), I don’t see why they would want to make an exception here. Just like Ibises back in the day, they were the best then.

Anyways that is all without thinking about the PvE ramifications, which is my main issue with the idea of nerfing.

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Reality is that u are worried be nerfed and wrote about conq’s when real problem that sogoth does insane dmg :slight_smile: For example other t3 craft weapons don’t have same strange crit’s so it’s really game’s bug and alll know it, but players with sogoth’s start whine. I have sogoth too, but agree, it should be fixed


like I said, I can live with a nerf in PvP
in PvE it will be very sad though. Do you PvE?

I mentioned conqs because the Sogoth is a problem in conq in particular. So no need to ruin something that works (sogoth for almost a decade) when its conqs ~40% crit chance that is the problem (became worse added crit ratings lately)
If they do nerf though, they shold give something in return to compensate in PvE would be nice.

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No, i don’t do pve… But I thought sogoth mostly for pvp, in pve u need heal rating and here t4-t6 much better as pve weapon, i could be wrong of course.

So why only sogoth can crits that hard? Why any other weapon can’t do the same? It’a bugged so it should be changed.

already replied to this earlier as this was mentioned.
first of all, you can weaponswap to a healrating weapon when you need to use those spells, then change back to sogoth. Therefore sogoth is the main weapon in PvE, and healrating blunts (whichever 700+ healrating is fine) are secondary weapons.
secondly, in PvE endgame many bosses go enrage and need to be killed in time, like zelandra. And even some hardmodes. Same goes for master timers. Even with the sogoth BS is in the bottom dps-wise along with guards.

hope you understand my perspective. think Im done arguing now. I say fix real broken stuff instead :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, o’kay, i agree with pve way for sogoth :slight_smile: But as we have spoken here for pvp it’s totally op. So i’m sure if funcom gonna do with that anything, they will just fix bug and nothing more :frowning: It’s their style

Or they will nerf something else we didnt asked for. Buff orher items instead of dumping down t3 blunt

Lol, you don’t need BS’s with Sogoth’s to be able to kill Zelandra.

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