T3 crafted 2hd blunt (Shillelagh of Soggoth)


I’ve done some general cleanup on this thread.

Please keep conversation relevant to why you feel the Shillelagh of Soggoth should or should not be adjusted. Off-topic discussions and personal attacks against your fellow players are not constructive.


It’s bugged so it should be changed. Why classes who can use Sogoth they can be better and favored? I know you guys you really enjoy your classes and dps with sogoth but it’s not fair for other classes.


Well, as one of the biggest fun of hoxes wanna say that my class don’t have any t3 pve craft :smiley: Thx for ibis, but it’s useless now, after t4 and pvp weapon revamp. But yes, anyway, sogoth is bugged and look like all agree with that :slight_smile:


would be a really nice change to make bs more relevant pve-dps wise. nice suggestion.


I hope u wrote about pve, cos in pvp it has enough dmg :slight_smile:


yeah, I edited my post. my bad. that weapon isn’t useable in PvP, so.


White hits in PvP (when half your one step combos are preloaded) isn’t gamebreaking.

BS is the second lowest PvE DPS class in the game (only behind Guardians).

VoM isn’t fair to other class, and was nerfed slightly to balance it out, and then the DTs whined so hard the devs reverted the nerf.


Topic is about Sogoth not about only Bear. Sogoth should be fixed and if bears wanna do more damage the class should be little buffed.


Again it takes a tremendous amount of materials and effort to make one of these things. If anything its underpowered.


Fix Sogoth but greatly increase the Critical Bonus Damage on Weight of the World.


Sold his soul to Satetka for a blunt -> Blunt get nerfed within a month after being broken for 8 years.



it aint gonnna get nerfed because it’s perfectly fine as is. Test it out for yourself. White hits are no more powerful than they should be.


You yourself posted earlier in this thread and showed that this is false, it does hit harder. If you want to have a discussion, fine, but trolling isn’t going to work.


Okay just obvious troll by now, maybe report this guy


Right, by that logic they should break all the other crafted weapons because they are the same to make? I’d love it if the staff suddenly started making my spells crit 50% harder.


Greaaat idea, let rest t3 crafted weapons do the same like sogoth, everyone will be happy haha. For me ok, whispering touch 3k per white hit and everything its mine.


3k per white hit? have you even tested this thing? where do you get your data? i have never seen this thing crit for 3k on a white hit. and I have actually tested it. Is it just hearsay on your part?

More hearsay with no testing? We’ll let funcom decide I guess.

The guy who made this told me it costs alot for the base materials. how he gets them i couldn’t say. But he has to form a raid of competent players and perform the crafting ritual. Same as any t3 crafted weapon. I didn’t pay anything for mine it was gifted to me. And After all the qq in this thread I went and tested it out to verify these claims and posted my findings earlier in the thread.

the only nerve he hit was insinuating i was trolling. Plebs always seem to think you’re trolling when you simply disagree with them. it’s a cop out.


Sigh… Why do you think i crafted two of them? Because they look good?

T6 2he

T3 crafted 2hb

No buffs whatsoever, lowest damage multiplier… Makes sense no?

With all the buffs up, since 3k is “impossible” - You critically crush Straw Man for 3040.


Lol, sogoth has less damage without crit on 50, but bigger damage with crit on 200…magic! Imagine this differ with bs’s % for weapon dmg which can be like 300+%


Good data spreadsheet.
even so why is a 3k crit such a big deal when other classes crit for 6k+ easily? i’m just trying to understand this sudden influx of qq concerning this 2hb that has been out for years. suddenly it’s a big deal?