T3 crafted 2hd blunt (Shillelagh of Soggoth)


I’m not one who does see it as a problem (even in PvP, it’s not like it turns you into a god), and contrarily, would much prefer more weapons to have hidden stats on them so things are more interesting and not so black and white.


Because u are on a new forum, where people write their opinion about game, bug’s, classes and all other things. A lot of people whine here about rangers,rf, other about conqs, cheaters and another things… But what really important: Funcom look like start read and listen what write people here. All agree with bug of sogoth’s weapon, it isn’t honest for other classes same like for other t3 pve craft, so why nobody shouldn’t do post here about this? Look on 87 replies, all agree with that mistake and only u try to protect this thing. I don’t really worried will it give me more chances vs bs, barbs, conqs on my hox, but i worried that it isn’t honest for other players when t3pvp and sogoth has so big difference, it’s make too big disbalance in same class. I mean that bs with sogoth>bs with t3 pvp


The t3 pvp 2hb is easier to get than a t3 crafted blunt though. That’s all i’m saying. In my view for the cost of this thing its underpowered. You are comparing it like apples and oranges. everyone agrees blah blah ok yea well that doesn’t make them correct just because they feel more hurt by a sogoth than a t3 2hb but ok if funcom decides a nerf is in order then so be it.


I’m sorry, but if read all what u wrote u just try to protect yourself and your weapon. But in other topic u qq about t6 pve sin which does crazy dmg…moreover u did videos. Look like if bs could has good t6 pve gear for pvp u will start protect it too. Moreover i’m sure u will do it :slight_smile: All worried about themselves, funny.


The t3 crafted blunt does nowhere near the damage of a t6 geared sin m8. And of course i’m defending the weapon. i just got my hands on one.

Also I’m not sure t6 gear works for a bear shaman like it does for a sin. Correct me if im wrong.


T6 gear works exactly the same for all classes, the drawbacks (ie; lack of defense) just put some in a better position to use it than others - it’s really no different to T4 vs PvP 10 back in 2012.


Well I would be interested to know any t6 geared shamans who use it in pvp who could offer some insight as to its overall usefulness but that’s a topic for another thread. I’m going to bow out of this pointless discussion because everyone already has their mind made up about the sogoth and to me it sounds like QQ.

And sure you can say I qq about sins t6 gear but everyone agrees that t6 gear shouldn’t beat pvp gear.

As for the sogoth, I don’t see it as being an all powerful god weapon but I guess others do. Maybe the big deal is a thing now because suddenly i got my hands on one and i make it look op :wink:


About op in your hands… i don’t played with u so i can’t say anything about it, but i don’t like when guy wrote in that way about himself…a lot of people go away from that game, i know a lot of bs’s which could be better than u, but they stopped play in it, u will be the best with any gun in a desert vs 1-2 new players aka surikats.
P.S. of course u can say that it was joke, but sure u wanna show urself like the best :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Easiest way for Funcom to ‘fix’ would be simply stating that it is working as intended.

Personally I would like just like Evito to see more weapons and items with hidden effects that preferably also interact with each other to promote testing and theorycrafting about the effects and the optimal way to use them. That said pvp gear should in every way be superior for pvp over pve gear and vice versa.

This however is very unlikely, and since it is the only weapon with any hidden bonus effect afaik in game I highly doubt it is intended and can only conclude it must be a bug. There are ‘good’ bugs and bad bugs. Double tab to avoid knockback animation for example is a good bug which raises the skill cap in pvp by giving players that know other classes attack animations and have fast reactions a chance to gain an advantage over a lesser skilled opponent.

In case of the blunt all it does is give players with raidguilds and plenty of gold (or fat credit card) an advantage over players that don’t have those which in my opinion is an factor that should not matter in pvp.
As far as PvE goes I would love if there were crafting encounter in higher tiers. Because there aren’t the current situation is that a weapon from 8 years ago, crafted in an irrelevant encounte, is stronger than the newest raidgear.
If a class needs this weapon to reach acceptable dps in pve like some people argue it is without a doubt a flaw in the design of the class. Making one item a requirement for a class to function properly is just beyond broken and energy should be spend to fix the class, not keep the bandaid in place. Just like HoXes which require the T5 rune to compete or DTs that need VoM to cover up the weakness of the class design. For the blunt it is even worse because it can be bought with gold/money which basically means you have to pay for an item that fixes Funcoms design flaws.


Very well said Yoelrey. T6 weapons are a perfect candidate for “special” effects since they won’t impact pvp. Crafted weapons from old content that can be just bought for a lot of gold or real money are absolutely not.


My main is a conq, and I always play brute. I’ve used Sogoth quite a lot in the past, but now I stick to greatswords, and I have to agree with Norther and the OP - Sogoth is OP and should be fixed. If it didn’t produce these bugged white hits, we wouldn’t be seeing like 3/4 of all conqs, barbs and bs using it.


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