T4 Smelters and Tanners

It seems to me that these T4 Thralls are underestimated now. All other T4 Thralls have some unique recipes except those two types so it just is not worth the trouble to catch them. They make their work faster but I can put two crafting stations with two T3 Thralls and get the same result (with double inventory by the way). Why not to give them some recipes too? T4 Smelters could make Composite Obsidian. Maybe even only Purge T4 Smelters or maybe only in Kilns, but it would significantly increase the attractiveness of this type of Thralls and this range of weapons (of course you should still have to learn recipe for weapons themselves in the Well of Skelos). One could think of some interesting recipe for T4 Tanner as well I think.


Agreed to some of this. It’s never made sense to me. They don’t reduce the cost of producing anything. They only increase fuel burn time and crafting time. It would make more sense that a T4 tradesperson would be better and more efficient at extracting the necessary product to create steel or leather, leaving less waste and hence using less raw product than your average T1. As for recipes i can’t think of anything that a smelter or tanner could create that wouldn’t involve the introduction of a completely new material to the game requiring new or altered weapons, armour, man it would affect too much. Neither create a finished product parsay. Smelters and tanners create product for your finishing thralls like blacksmiths or armourers who turn it into something useable, hence the recipes. Composite obsidian needs to stay available only in the volcano imo. Starmetal and Obsidian gear are relatively close in comparison and Obsidian is way, way easier to get hold of. Having to travel to the inners of the volcano to forge composite is the only balancing factor. I mean the volcano itself becomes basically obselete if you already have your fill of thralls. You can mine a heap of obsidian outside the volcano.


I don’t think a special recipe is the best bet… but i’d be interested in seeing the T4 NPCs be specialized in a certain field of production… for tanners a certain T4 could add a 50% bonus to leather production… or to thick leather production… or to tar production. as for smelters certain ones may produce a larger amount of iron from ore… or cheaper steel/hardened steel… i’d recommend making them have varied production bonus depending on their location (10% in noob river, 25% in lower desert regions, 30-40% in the jungle ect) would make the type of T4 thrall actually matter…


The only added benefit a t4 Tanner could add would be to turn 2 leather into 1 thick leather.
I honestly haven’t bothered about Tanner’s since June last year as I’ve had enough leather since to carpet the entire exiled lands, in my quest for steel fire.
Smelters on the other hand, a t4 brings nothing really. I load up my furnaces and go out adventuring then log off. When I come back it’s all cooked so the speed of a t4 vs no thrall at all makes no difference to me, plus I can literally bathe in oil.
I’ve been saying for months now the only benefit to a t4 smelters would be a cost reduction in materials to match a carpenter.

I cringe when I add the dlc to my cart knowing I’m still just going to build out of black ice anyway due to the time I don’t have to mine all that stone.

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