T4 Sorcers need a use

Would be cool if the sorcerers could perform the blood or soul drain ritual instead of you :laughing:
It’s getting so tedious watching it over and over again.

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Yeah dont get me wrong it was cool to watch the first few times, but if you run corrupted your gonna have to farm tons of souls just to put your build back on everytime you switch… thats alot of time just watching it


Maybe add some craftable with a T4 Sorcerer in bench some sorcery themed body paints, corrupted orbs, corruption consumables usable on weapons and/or armor, etc.

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The volcano spawns a male T4 pretty often. I even got one on the first day of 3.0 before I even got my sorcery stuff started.

I can see different pools of spells being unlocked depending on thrall levels when there are more spells to pick from.


I think gating higher end spells behind acquiring a T4 sorc thrall is probably not a good idea.

Perhaps the sorcs could come with a library of free transmogrify skins based on their race / area of origin.

If you really want the Lemurian Robe on your Godbreaker, and you can’t find the T4 Lemurian sorc, you can still craft up the skin.

If you do find the Lemurian T4 sorc, then you can do it for free.

This would incentivize collecting all the T4s and still permit access to the full range of sorcery.


And then this happened (official server). Even managed to smack and capture one, bring them home and come back for the second one.



Of course it did :joy:

That’s the thing with the RNG, and why I hate that Funcom overuses it.

I mean, I knocked out a T4 on my very first day of playing with sorcery on live servers, and dragged it to my wheel. And then the rollback took it away from me, and I thought “oh, well, I’ll just run around until it spawns again”. And then that took 2 days of dedicating my playing time to running around sorcerer camps.

What frustrates me about Funcom’s use of RNG is that it boils down to a choice between “lock an important gameplay element behind RNG” and “lock a completely optional gameplay element behind RNG”.

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We are in the first Chapter of the Age of Sorcery. Each Age is supposed to have 3-4 Chapters. That means we will be getting at least two more sorcery-focused updates before the next Age.

It seems likely to me that named Sorcerers will have a purpose before the Age of Sorcery ends.


Certainly possible and something to look forward to.

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I found my first one before I had a Wheel of Pain…

Then, after building one, it took many days for the next one to spawn.

I have one tied to a spare sacrificial altar purely for decoration.

Getting the pages sure seems super easy. I mean, you dont even need to kill sorcers for it, you can just go snatch a scroll from the table at sepermeru

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The loose pages can appear next to many of the sorcerers and are also scattered about in dungeons, but they have an unusual respawn. It might be the same long+random respawn as Relic Fragment chests.

They become 100% useless after upgrading the Tome though, and it feels kind of bad to discover a new location for one in a dungeon, but then remember that you have no need for it and just leave it behind.

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technically, they do have a use…

All the sorcerer locations can have a random scroll spawn as a game object on the edge of the sacrificial stone or a table etc, it’s not always there though.
Personally the thing I hate most about that entire thing is that the pages don’t stack… I’ve been gathering a few even after unlocking all the spells so that other people can use them to upgrade theirs, but they’re taking up the whole bench and then some more…

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Yeah, they should at least stack to 10 like the failed pages.

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That’s why the arcane curio cabinet from the BP has so many inventory slots :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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