T4 Tempersmith Legendary Armor Kit bug has still not been resolved?

This bug does not allow T4 Tempersmiths to create legendary armor kits anymore. It only gives the option of master armor kits. When can we expect this to be resolved? I read that they were looking into it and it was going to be addressed, two months ago.

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Must be VERY hard to replace one recipe with the other probably…

I was worried when this bug came out because of what it would mean…at the whims of finding these things on my own vs just producing them. Then I started farming for specific legendary gear in the unnamed city and currently sitting on 60+ legendary armor repairs and still not getting my dragonhide helm.

In other words, yes it is a problem but it’s definitely not a show stopper of a problem. Yellow lotus should be a higher priority fix IMHO just because of Siptah doesn’t have a reliable alternative like EL does.

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