T4 Thrall Spawn Chance Far Too Low Following July 7th Patch



I managed to get him the day after the mother patch. I haven’t seen him since.
When I got him was the time that the black galleon was having an excess stock take sale on t4 thralls. That was fixed a few days later by the hot fix.

Maybe they hot (un)fixed him too.


i got him maybe a week later of mother of patches…

and i do remember camping for njorn battleborn, and noone has ever see him in live. i cannot say if they did something or not . lets hope it still spawn.


He’s a myth, a legend. He is Armor Claus or the Armor Fairy.
I’ve given up on him.

I actually haven’t seen a named anything spawn at the mounds of the dead since the hot fix, other than the always available Cimmerian berserker and Dalinsia Snowhunter. And I spend a lot of time there.
Hopefully my timing is just off.

Edit. Sorry, I did get a named bearer Enid the light or something like that.


What it boils down to for me it’s whether or not this makes the game a good experience. I spend my free time camping a thrall spot for hours while alt tabbing out of the game and watching Netflix between spawns. Is that a fun game? I support NPC like archpriest being low because they spawn lots of places so you can roam around and check if they have spawned, but when looking for a spesific armor thrall you have to stay in that one spot for so long with no guarantee of him/her spawning. It’s not like we can just ignore armorer thrall either, it’s an absolute must to have gear with +2str when playing on a PvP server. I’d much rather they made armor more expensive to make.


The problem with this level of rarity in this type of game is you lose all your **** and quit. The spawn rates SHOULD be high. This ain’t Everquest.


so why people want to finish the game within a week… ? there is no point to have t1, t2 , or t3 if t4 is so easy to get. t4 are supposed to be rare.

you can find t3 its the next best thing… and they are much easier to find.

you could trade for a t4 too. some people will give them away for a good amounts of mats which is also very easy to get.


I’ve been camping Werk’s spawn for a week now, and still haven’t seen him. I’ve captured every T4 thrall at the mounds except him. I have only found one person on my server who has him, and he isnt willing to trade.

I don’t have a problem with the spawnrate of other T4s. They are rare, and take a reasonable amount of effort to obtain.


I think they should be rare and should remain like its now. Named thralls are special, not the norm.


@Gabagool have you asked if he will make the armor if you give him the resources? I know you will not be able to repair it easily, but atleast you will have it until you can obtain that npc for yourself. Temporary solution to the problem you have… and yes I recognise that if ppl are on PvP / pve-C servers that this may not be an option.


Agree to 100%. I would actually like to see t4 ever rarer then today. Why not totally unique? Once there is one thrall of a specific name he/she should not spawn again unless he/she dies.

So the norm would be to have t3 thralls and pure luck if you have a named one.


i also agreed with palm’s comment.
But making named thralls totally unique (which makes sense BTW) would be a bit extreme don’t you think?
On PVP servers you might have a very little chance to see the named thrall you 'd like to have one day, but on PVE servers, if you’re not friend / in good terms with the player owning this unique thrall, you just won’t ever be able to see this thrall at all during your ENTIRE playthrough. NO, PLEASE NOT THAT !

I am against this idea.


I’m not going to say I’m disappointed with the Pirate Ship. But unlike before, when all I ever did was make decay runs to my base by the boat in the desert, now I return regularly to try and get two armorers, Shendelzare, Horseshoe – or any T4 Smith, for the name of Set just one Named Smith please! :wink:

What’s interesting is this has made me stretch out to the Den, and add it to my thralling. And I have made thralling much more time-intensive through my 40s for this playthrough.

If that was the intended course of action, they’ve achieved it. The scarcity really hits me in the Replay Bone.


rarity is always a good move indeed. but you can always get away with t3s. the most critical would be t4 armorers. but you still can get away with the much more common t3,

what this game needs is a marketplace or a way to trade thralls for other goods… that will be a nice thing to have.

sadly the game is missing all forms of economy.


Precisely, now there’s a man who gets it. As soon as you crank that Golden +9 Encumbrance unlock, you’re pretty much footloose. Even if it’s that silly Joka. :smiley:

That’s why I feel like I can go look for Talitha now; a T3 is still totally cheap for thrall armors. For me this shifts my priorities, which keeps rust at bay.


Use repair kits and you can repair it as long as it doesn’t break


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