T4 Thralls disappearing from Greater wheel of pain

Game mode: [Online pvp] Official server#3784
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Near The Dregs]

[Today, we experienced 4 of our T4 thralls disappearing while being converted in a greater wheel of pain. The thralls were Fairin of the Wild Coast, Hanar of Bossonia, Kot-Arok Steelbender and, Hoshun the Fang. These were the only 4 thralls on the wheel and they were being fed gruel with no taskmaster. The first two were nearly finished converting and possibly done while the others were approximately 3/4 of the way done. We had been checking the wheel frequently in anticipation of our thralls completion. Immediately after noticing their absence, we checked our event logs to no avail. There had been no recorded PvP action against our thralls. So we’re convinced that they had vanished due to a bug. We also noted that the gruel was still ticking after the thralls were all ready gone.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.4 t4 thralls in Greater wheel of pain
2.some nearly done, some 3/4 of the way
3. No taskmaster, ticking gruel
4.2 out of 4 thralls finish(?) possibly

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Hey @Gambler916

Welcome to our community and apologies for the frustrating issue.
We’re sending your report to our team so they can see if there’s an issue with thralls on the wheel of pain.
Thanks for your feedback.

if a player take an unfinished thrall on your wheel of pain (action that will kill the thrall) you will receive no notifaction on the event log. you will only receive a notifaction if a player take a finished thrall.

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Was your wheel placed somewhere where it can be accessed by others. All crafting stations are free for all to loot on pvp servers and as @azaroth mentioned your thralls may have just been destroyed. If it was in an enclosed building, was the building raided?

Building was fairly enclosed and there were no signs of damage or of anything else in our building being raided at all.

Did you look in the event log under unauthorized inventory access?

We checked for unauthorized inventory access and there were no entries

Only thing I can think of and I haven’t tested if it creates an event entry is that someone accessed your wheel and destroyed the thralls before they were done cooking. Essentially taking the thrall off before it’s finished could potentially not notify you because you didn’t have ownership of a thrall yet. It really is just a guess though.

I appreciate the guess either way, Wak. Thinking about testing that out with a friendly clan on my server. I still doubt it was simply destroyed because I think they would’ve messed with some of the other stuff in the building.

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Let me know how the test goes. :+1:

What does fairly enclosed mean? Was the structure clipping through the walls?

When I say fairly enclosed, I mean that it is not protruding through any structures nor is it nearby outer walls because of wall glitching. It’s centered for the sake of people not reaching through to it.