T5 runestone questions

Anyone know how the t5 runestones work for DT and demo? I checked out the vendor, it doesn’t say much about the soldier runestone other than 350 critg amount. And for Demo it’s gives +1 pet point and finesse hit on FoG and shockstrike, should I still be using WoF as my main dps after getting the runestone?

Good question.

The demo +1 pet point is to make room for the extra pet you get.
The finesse hits for casters (excluding hoxes) are subpar. You want to continue WoFing away.

for DT you get a buff depending on what combo you have running.
I’ve dug up an old picture that should make it more clear.


Thank you so much. Do you have a chart for the other classes?

Your normal demon pet is also buffed quite nicely with T5 major rune. The buff gets a minor increase itself, but it also add some wildfire dmg or something and that makes quite a big difference.

For DT I would personally advice OP to do Arena and get that rune instead if possible. The only soldier rune I think is worth it compared to arena is Conq one.