T6.5 / T7 Suggestion

We do below bosses in Hard Mode:

Chatha The Demon Lord T2/W2 LAST BOSS
Leviathus T2/W3 LAST BOSS
Thoth-Amon T3 LAST LOSS
Emperor Yah-Chieng T4 LAST BOSS (JADE CITADEL)

Discuss? :slight_smile:


Do you mean that you would clear up to those bosses in normal t2,t3 etc, or would you just pop up in those rooms like it works in t5 with teleports between the rooms?

Sounds fun

While I hate reusing old content, I would be perfectly fine with a revised T2 upgrading to a T7, similar to how T5 was done.

I’d prefer T2 or T3 revamped to a T7. As there is no reason to run those anymore. T4 has still some potential, as is speeds up token gain, so you are faster full T4 than only running RF.
Also i don’t like the idea of mixing them up.

I think Black Castle would be a nice Raid too.

I would prefer a 6man dungeon to become a raid one. If i had to choose , that is Cistern!!

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Same as T5

With the shrinking community, hard to fill raids, lack of PUG raids during certain primetimes it would be great if HM 6 mans would drop tokens and shards. Also turning all the lowbie 6mans into new HM’s would be awesome also wouldn’t require any new assets to be created

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Sanctum of Burning Souls Unchained! And Backwards!

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reworking sanctum is a much better idea,levi is no challenge and serua/chatha are more of a challenge for t2 offerings thou,but like stated in another post orginal mode/hard mode pre nerf of t1-3 raids would be a better idea and sanctum is an awesome under utilised instance due to the size of its map inside to rework or add different bosses to and an acheronian based raid would be great,offering a t5 type of the listed bosses above is cringe worthy and lame imo compared to doing something with sanctum tbh. so its a no to t5 type of raid and yes to a sanctum rework if anything

i like the black castle idea

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Yea, Sanctum is probably the only instance where the rooms are big enough for a raid. :+1:

Maybe Black Castle too, but the room with the well would be very small for a whole raid. :thinking:
However, it would be fun to have a full raid avoid the rolling stones, while fighting trash. :grin:


I’d like to see 23 players die in Black castle raid because of 1 failing with fire trap :yum:


And what do you think about not reheating the same cutlet? Vanaheim as a copy of atzelts fortress, whole t5 as a copy of t1 raid and now additionaly you want tier 6,5 or tier 7 to be the same as the old content? Your expectations are on a low level. We need something new, totally new to attract people in doing it.

Maybe you didn’t receive the message yet. AoC is in maintenance mode. There won’t be great new stuff. But maybe we are lucky enough to get recycled content with new mechanics, so we got something to do at least.

WAS. Ever since the debts were paued off the activity on Aoc really livened up. Then all the streaming this year.
I think its an incoming good year for aoc

Name 1 new content. Except for the cheap looking cloaks on saga, there was nothing NEW.

Yes, they put in a little more effort, but i still think, that we can’t expect to much as long as mussagana is the only one working on the technical part of AoC.

They raised some hope, but I still don’t think we can expect more than already existing content from AoC or Exiles.

You forget one thing, their debts ended beginning of last year or something? Maybe later? Development takes time, expansions especially. So far we getting small things that could be released with short dev time. So the old BS with nothing new is excused. Debts first new stuff later. They could have bunked this game fully…they didnt. New stuff means something. For a reason this game is still alive.

It is still alive because the revenue is still higher than the costs, as was clearly statet in the financial report that announced the “no further major work will be put into Age of Conan”. Even from the last quarterly report (Q3/18) you can not get the impression that anything about that statement changed.
One of the major problems with AoC is its mess of a code. From what (ex-) devs said in the past there is no one left who can really dig into the code, and the documentation seemed always to be a big problem, as in: not existing.

I am very happy about the love AoC is recently getting. But as Frenjoerd said, there was nothing new, and failed decissions like the sub model are going to stay (1 month vs 1 year…yeah). So I would not get hopes very high. Take the Winter Event…judging by Funcoms weird choices regarding words for advertisements (anniversary event for everyone! was recyled content for SALE) I do not longer believe into an actual “EVENT” other than log in rewards. Exiting!

Im not holding hope or anything, but at the very least one shouldn’t outright forget that at this time, a lot of things are certainly possible now. I myself already have a lot of sh*t i can do, so new content or not doesnt bother me, i just want the game to last as long as possible, so i hold some hope hwiever minimal, that there is something coming.
Hopefully not another Vanaheim…i wont like that at all.

My suggestion was actually making fun of the re-use of old material.

The issue is that theres apparently no one that knows the coding for AoC on an in depth level and any changes that you’d see would be very superficial. While I don’t want another vanaheim because it had an uninspired story and was a steaming pile of garbage (and thats putting it nicely), I would be okay with seeing Sanctum reimagined as a raid instance or an unchained mode 6man at 80. In both of those cases it gives somewhere new for people who are able to raid with a group that can do the higher tier raids, or it gives somewhere new for people who have a good team for 6mans to do. And I would rather see either of those things rather than another saga server.

Getting the people who know the code back at Funcom would be a nice dream but it isn’t likely to happen.

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