T6 blessing buffs without having proper items for it, visual bug or exploit?


I sometimes see the same 2 people running around with a blessing buff while not even using the appropriate items that could grant the buff. How is that possible? I thought it was a visual bug but weirdly enough, I saw these players switch out some of their rings in a dungeon and the buff was still there, relogging or rezoning (or even switching to another character from my side) didn’t change it either. So I really wonder, is this a visual bug? I never saw that happen to someone else besides these players so that looks really suspicious.

I don’t use a custom UI or any other “mods” so I don’t think this could be the problem. Does anyone else see this as well?


It could be a blessing from T6 runes in weapon/necklace/rings, not a Emerald Lotus buff. If you have screenshot show please.


I do not mean the T6 buff that the armor itself gives, these players only have 2 chaos rings with 2 chaos gems, no necklace and no weapon. These rings got gems with blessing combinations that would not result in any of the blessing buffs but still, they got a blessing buff if I hover the cursor above their name in the group window.
I don’t have a screenshot right now but I try to take one the next time I encounter one of these players.


It did happen to me but the other way. I was geared up in t6 but the buff didn’t show up… so I guess it could be a bug to show buff when your not geared. Or maybe not, anything it’s possible nowadays in AOC


A buff not showing up is something that happens for me from time to time on my barb whenever I switch weapons though I was never able to keep a blessing buff without having items equipped that got non-combining engravings.


There is one bug that I know of with these blessings

If you manage to get Silence Falls (-hate) to IV it gets stuck there until you zone somewhere else. I’ve been checking stats too if it’s only a visual bug, however it actually changes the stats too. I’ve ran around with Silence Falls IV on my Necromancer with arena necklace and T3,5 talisman. This is the only blessing I’ve seen this happen with though, and I have tried to check some others too.


I have seen it happening with the Emandua blessing, that character had in one ring a gem with Ashur + Black Pharaoh and the other one was Emandua + Steel Behemoth. He did not have a T6 necklace nor any T6 weapons but for some reason still had the blessing active.


Yeah that’s strange. I have never seen that before. Maybe he was swapping weapons back and forth between “dps” and “heal” weapons? I do that on my healers at least when I do AA heals


I was able to see the players gear but he didn’t have a weapon with any blessings in any of his slots. I try to take a Screenshot the next time I see it.

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