T6 Cetriss charmed players getting uncharmed too early

According to players who extensively raided with other raidforces our raid has the highest numbers of players getting uncharmed at Cetriss. Usually at least one per try, but having 2-3 toons popping out of charme too early is no surprise for us. We never found out what heightens the chances of this happening, and I never heard a rumour that other raids know why it even happens.

Yesterday 1-3 players got uncharmed too early at every try.*
We had an unproofed feeling it might be connected to beeing in a group with a TOS. So we put clickers in groups without a TOS - and after that only one player got uncharmed at roughly the same amount of trys. This is only anecdotal evicence though.
(I have to ad that yesterday we all lost connection to the server once and strangely got the AoE from a player getting uncharmed after we ressed after a whipe, without Cetriss beeing active or someone still fighting in lag. The ID was from wednesday, where we had funcom-fun like Zelandra shortening her cast, too, and world boss laaaaaaaags from hell, almost unplayable.)

Did any other raid find out what causes players to get uncharmed too early?
Is it tos-related? Are there other theories? How many players popp out of charme in your raids?

*I know we could click again and that it does not even matter for one side each phase. I also know Cetriss should be a lootpinata - we had a frustrating try feast. But all of that is not what this thread is about.

In our raids it may happen once, rarely twice per try, but we have a couple of players, as a backup, to click quick when needed. We treat it as a bug, but it can probably happen when the aoe from people on the boss hit the charmed player. He/she shouldn’t be kited that close or receive so much damage, but still.

Honestly, I’ve never paid attention if we have a ToS in that group or not. I’ll look to it this week.

I’ve never noticed anything that would lead to a cause for this happening, we’ve always considered it a bug in the programming somewhere.

Not quite on topic, but since you did mention it, can someone at Funcom look at the Zelandra cast bar during the burn phases? She likes to break out of her burn cast too soon, which pretty much means a wipe due to insufficient dps time.

This only happens like once every 50th pull though :stuck_out_tongue: (The Zelandra thing)

About the uncharming it tends to happen with assassins with Lotus Overload, and soldiers quite a lot. (For us at least) Not sure if there is any consistancy

We have seen those bugs forever !
The Zelandra one can be frustrating !

Happen cause of TOS but also rest of huge AOE. Player who got charmed should read log of combat and check the damage. Pretty sure is not a bug

Think what they talk about is something else then aoe. sure aoe dmg can take someone down, but what they speak of is someone dropping from lets say 100% to uncharmed instantly, almost like ranger oneshot bug in speed.

Should be easiest for people in multiple raidsquads to pinpoint it by comparing how often it happens, with the strat diffrences

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Oh … its interessing. Never happened when i was raiding T6 or i have not memory of this

havent raided in forever so Im pretty clueless now but I remember having a theory that a switch in statue aggro while kiting would break it, but seems to happen too often for it to be correct, unless it happens more in squads with confused necropets ofc :wink:

I’ve seen it multiple times, but could never find an explanation. Damagelog didn’t show any incoming damage. One theory is some kind of immunity being triggered. But since it rarely caused a wipe, since it can be solved by calling in a backup-clicker, I never paid more attention to it.


From our experience this is somehow connected with server lag. There are good days and there are bad days - the more laggy the more people get uncharmed.

Thank you all for sharing your experiences and knowledge.
We always assumed it was immunity-related, some cc immunity, but after that many times we just wondered if there might be something else going on.

For us it seems not to be related to statues loosing aggro (although we actually do have some confused necro pets once in a while cough).
We also kite the one putting the ponds for the next phase pretty far away and only bring him closer to place the ponds near the raid.

Stratwise there is not so much you can do differently at this boss, so comparing strats etc. could help. But I think we just have to adjust and double click when needed.

I will update on the Tos-in-group-sitiation though. It was just too strange at that raid. 50% charmed pond placer vs. ONE at roughly the same amount of trys.

Thanks again for your input.