Table leg not usable


I found a table leg into one of the crate, but seems ai can’t use it. Can someone explain me what’s the purpose?

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It’s a weapon, or at least it’s supposed to be.

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Do you know why I cannot use it?

As table leg, or as Weapon?

“I” can’t use it or the “ai” can’t use it?

You get recipe from scroll case, Your mistypes make it abit hard to tell what your asking.

You should be able equip like any other weapon.

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I can put in to e quick bar but can’t equip or use anyway. I found the leg into a crate, no talent squires yet. Sorry for mistypes…

Assume its bug then, Been awhile since I’ve used it, (it was usable at one time)

even if you could use it, why would you want to? its not a great weapon.

Base Damage: 54
Base Armor Penetration 30%
Effects: Sunder

throw it on a t3 fighter thrall and go find or make a better weapon.

If he’s just started it’s prob the best weapon he has access to :man_shrugging:

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Base Damage: 54 …
Base Armor Penetration: 30%
Effects: Sunder

And you’re saying it’s not a great weapon?

Bud, a basic stone club isn’t a great weapon.


I just encountered this issue on my server, I found it in a crate and the icon is all dark like it’s broken.

I think some people don’t quite realize that not everybody is playing at endgame levels.


Exactly the same issue as mine. Icon is greyed out and can’t equip. The weapon is great for stunning enemies, at least one of the 4 I found.

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Well that would imply its broken. I have found some broken legendaries too. So then the question is “why is it broken?” rather than why can’t you use it. I’m not sure what the motivation is for giving broken mediocre legendaries but broke, it makes sense you can’t use it.

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Just got a broken piece of a bar stool, too.

hecka busted yo

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If it is broken (no durability remaining), then you will not be able to equip and use it.

If you have the recipe for it (recipe from shards of power turn-ins), then you ought to be able to repair it in the blacksmith bench. It’ll be expensive to repair, though. Probably another shard of power at a minimum.

If you don’t have the recipe, then it’s likely just going to be garbage. The most you can do with it while it is broken is put it on a weapon display rack.


Some legendary weapons can also be put into a dismantling bench to get a few materials. I don’t know if UC weapons like bar stool and table leg belong in that category or not.

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