Tablets of Power question

Is there a limit to how many tablets of power that can be used-

Per character?
Server limit?
Points limit?

On our private EU server, we seem to have hit a limit on using ToP. We can still craft them but no one can use them anymore.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hey there , I never noticed a limit , playing official server here , I unlocked all the feats possible ( vanilla feats no mods ) and stll have some points to spend .

are you playing on a modded server ? this may be caused by a mod !

also when you say we , do you mean the whole server can’t use them anymore ?

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Thanks for responding. We (yes, everyone on the server) can no longer use ToP. We can craft but not use them anymore.

It is a private server but everything is set for default.

One player has been farming Fragments of Power for several weeks then making ToP, using them to get extra feat points.

He has learned all the feats possible and now has extra points he can’t spend. Wondering if this why we can’t use them anymore, if there is just a world limit, or server limit. We can’t find anything in settings or sliders that would control something like this.

It has basically stalled everyone else from using ToP. We can still, however, use FoP for additional feat points.

when you say everthing is set for default , do you mean you have 0 mods for the game , i mean normally every private server runs at least pippi mod for easier server administration. ok yours might not , but untill a clear NO mod are installed on the server , I can’t tell you for sure if you need further assistance or if you’ll just have to wait, if it is indeed a mod induced bug, that the mod author upload a new version

No mods are installed on the game server. Only have all DLCs. No other things have been modified.

ok then I suggest you open a new topic , in the bugs section reporting your issue , by the way sorry I didn’t notice you posted in the Xbox section , if I had seen that I would’nt have asked for mods in the first place , here is a link to a topic that will help you on how to report a bug

Thanks so much for the help!

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Hola . Yo juego en servidores oficiales y no e tenido ese problema . Pero es muy interesante saberlo . Gracias

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