Tabula Rasa - survival - Full-RP PVP

TABULA RASA - survival - Full-RP PVP

Roleplay and fight in season challenge!

:crossed_swords: Fresh restart every month to try something new!

  • current season: 9 SEP - 6 OCT

:crossed_swords: Rates and settings are challenging:

  • Player XP x2 faster
  • Resource respawn x3 slower
  • Thralls and players x0.5 weaker
  • Enemies x2 stronger

:crossed_swords: RP is text only. No global chat.

:crossed_swords: PVP is mechanical only. We use no dice.

:crossed_swords: Fair melee 24/7. No target lock. No offline raids.

Battle royale seasons for you to quench that altoholic thirst!
Prepare to survive and fight for the resources!

:crossed_swords: Vanilla feel and lite on mods.

:crossed_swords: We ban cheaters, griefers and immersion breakers.

Direct IP: