Tactic to safe the career of poor single target dps in Onslaught:D

Very simple

all stay mostly in middle and 1 big single dps just runs around and kills all the skulls as soon as they appear (Btw how is initial aggro set in onslaught the one who first enters or on tank?)

in my opinion this is way more relaxed then running around with the whole group and is a great help for all the movement cripple demos:D (Downside is they stop moving completly and die in aoe^^)

Spread the word to help fighting the Aoe craze that is going on at the moment:D

PS: Not sure if this works at wave 30+ was never there

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That doesn’t work since mana dogs go on rogues. 2 of them + a witch will fvck you up.

not true, as a rogue nothing attacks you before you attack it. Solo killing witches/concubines as a rogue is a good tactic
p.s my bad mana dogs attack rogue nvm :smiley:

No… Try it, the mana dogs are bugged and go after rogues. They shouldn’t but they still do.

I think in lower waves 15+ it does work pretty well as long as the group stays in the center of the map

Never had any issue regarding mana dogs this way but i guess at higher waves it becomes way more difficult to just stay in the middle and do nothing but killing adds

Overall i enjoy playing a rogue way more in random groups - the group is more stable and able to get a few waves higher then they normally would this way

Its sad to see that everyone just joins with aoe dps right now or speccs to useless aoe as single target dps - random groups would have it easier with this tactic

Did anyone noticed that mini-bosses heal is bugged very often? I have kited the guardian for like one minute and it went from 55% to 63% meanwhile it should heal 2% per second as long as the healing buff is up.

Ah and there’s also a bug with healer HP buff, It doesn’t apply but I have it on my top list. I have to manually cancel it and then it refreshes after a few second and everything seems to be fine, until next time. It happens to me every day, on different characters.

He has an immunity shield so his own heal gets resisted …should work properly after shield is gone .

Hmmm, fair enough =)


There’s a group of people who reached wave 37, 2x PoM, 2x Demo, 1x Necro and 1x Conq, I just wonder if they failed because of mobs, mini-bosses or lack of TW at finall boss. I wish perks such as SF, TW, FH and Resolve are more important at final boss than they are now.

FInal bosses are not really an issue I think considering a caster could kite most of them forever

I guess most people join with those classes, because ferocity is pretty useless on barb/sin/ranger/bs and tanks. Also most of the weapons aren’t that great if you have T6, because dmg > mitigation in pve. All content can be done without those extra prot/armor stats except maybe the higher waves in onslaught.

PoM & ToS get an free upgrade with the 2hand. Tanks get extra armor/prot for their mainrole in encounter, but dps and bs get nerfed dmg for survivalbility which they dont need. Only Demo and Nec can trade more magic damage for lower crit with the dagger.

Later when all the gems are released, the weapons might be better than T6, but until than you got lots of time to farm those chars who do not profit right now.

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I don’t think so

There’s a spot where you can “kite” boss on any wave without gear for years (no energy needed).