Tainted grand champion lure disappeared

I had two malodorous grand Champion lure in my inventory. After the 24 hour period expired, one of them disappeared and I did not receive the tainted grand Champion lure.

Greetings @fernabeto ,

Thank you for sharing this!

Can you let us know if you’re playing in single-player, private or official servers?

One of the Malodorous Grand Champion lure disappeared and you didn’t received a Tainted Grand Champion lure, however did you received a Tainted one for the other Malodorous you had expired?

Mine just disappeared as well. Was 3h left on it last night but was no timer when logging off before logged back in today and it’s gone!! Pve official 3066

I’m play in oficial server. My second Malodorous works fine.

Official server 4516 PvE g-portal . com

Greetings @fernabeto ,

Can you let us know when you first received the Malodorous grand Champion lure and when they expired?

Thank you in advance!

If I remember correctly, it was this weekend on Saturday night. It expired on Monday morning around 6am or 7am GMT -3 Brazil.

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