Taking a break question



I played for quite some time and im the only one left in my clan. If i quit now i know my stuff will decay but im not sure about my body.
What will happen to my body when i quit for a while. Is it possible to park it somewhere save so that when/if i come back im not starting naked in the desert but have the gear that i have on still with me?


Choose a good place to hide, the body will stay for some time til disappears.


You got any idea how long before the body disappears and what happens after that (naked in the desert but still same level?)


You can “body vault” your most important stuff (just load up your inventory with stuff you want to keep) and as long as you’re not actually killed (by the environment, or another player on PvE-C or PvP) then you’ll just go unconscious and after a week, despawned from the world. But you won’t be automagically killed for no reason.

So, just don’t logout in places with extreme temperatures, because after you’ve logged out, your vitality perk won’t be active and eventually you will die. So, the northern snow biome and the volcano are bad places to go all Rip van Winkle.


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