Taking over a NPC settlement by siege or fighting the village leader

Hello all this is my first time posting here! So let me tell you about an idea my group had while playing the game, On our Co-Op campaign we have been, running we have been trying out different styles of ‘‘Roleplay’’ and ‘‘Immersion’’ in the game, We went with very different styles from Nordic tribes to Medieval Knights and what not and we noticed with the recent DLC the jewel of the West pack we went with the Roman Empire. The style of Weapons, Armor and even going as far to have an basic structure of the roman legion with basic military rank and having a mini Senate, But I do know that this would not suit everyone because of different style of play and immersion to most but, its only an example, but my main overall point is the chance to conquer or to have a chance to take NPC city as a vassal city so to speak.

This is an idea my Group have at the moment.

Now to my main point, the chances of taking over small villages or even the, Sepermeru, City of the Relic Hunters or New Asagarth giving you some Government or leadership role over the lands or city. We noticed with a certain part of the relic hunter city we were able to build and set up basic checkpoints and areas marked with the banners and place and now as we even speak setting up a small Legion garrison barracks and local governors villa and our own thralls there to act as guards or the town guard alongside the NPC City guards that already exists.

Yes I kinda get the feeling some people would not like the Idea of this but lets look at it this way, theses areas offer a lot of promise with both online and offline play, or Co-Op as well.

  1. Sepermeru, City of the Relic Hunters
    Home of the Relic hunters.
    Commerce and trade seem to be the city’s Primary Traits and the worship of Set is very apparent.

-Taking over or convening the locals to fall under your banner comes into play with the people of the Relic Hunters being about trade and making wealth seems to be important that can take be a way to rule or install a local government with ties to your own faction but I will list possible options and outcomes of taking the city or having mutual rule.

  1. Laying siege to a city
    Setting up a camp on the outskirts of the city to set as a staging area for you and your group to move into the city and strike. The idea of a siege on this is to either to slay enough of the populace or placing your factions banner next or on an important building, with this online play in the mix having enough manpower is very important here as you will need them to help you get to the goal but there is some consequences to taking this action, the locals even if they will submit would begin to riot or take up arms as brigands or rebel force that would attack the city at certain points almost like the purge but not as intense.

  2. Offline players (Solo Players)
    Would be able to use there own Thralls in these battles which would need the help of a new station or Pre-built building to have in your camp as well.
    Ideally something that doesn’t take up space and easy to place like a quartermaster tent or Siege tent with an NPC outside of it in the Armor and colors of your faction (these are also usable in online mode on a server or Co-Op game to help immersive elements and Role-play, If you will think of it as a wheel of pain but a tent with a quartermaster out front wearing the armor and colors of your Clan/Faction. So how would this new item work, it will depend on the level of your Thralls of course! So adding these into the mix would help build numbers of troops who follow you into battle and engage the enemy.

  3. other options - Reputation, Trade, Or changeling the local leader.
    So we are on some options as well, you could improve you status with the local merchants by doing small quests for each one to gain notoriety and respect with them to slowly but peacefully take over the city or village giving you the power to have your flags, banners, Faction styled thralls to replace the Relic hunter guards and move about the city as they defend it, this route to be honest would be a bit harder than the Laying siege option as it would take time and resources to win over the local people and accept you as the new leader of the city in question (may differ from New Asagarth). Also another option to have in the mix is to Dual or defeat the local leader in Armed Combat, Ideally either with weapons or unarmed combat, Basically kill the current leader and take over depending on the rules and customs of the faction or group of people in question. but once again these options will all have there pros and cons. I will go into detail at a further date but to answer the pros and cons of defeating the local leader - will improve relations with Warriors and what not but will cause some problems like dealing with splinter groups trying to take you out after awhile 9this will be either player/NPCs).

These are all the points I can go through with right now due to the fact I am in work at the moment.

Plus side I also run a YouTube Channel that would love to feature some Conan Exiles content as our road map to expending the style of games we play!

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(If any Devs see this, Thanks for making a great game that me and my team enjoy!)

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