Talents Bug - I can't write

Today there was a problem with me … Example: I have talent learned from making molded wood in carpentry, but the molded wood does not appear to do the crafting … I have already reset my talents and I am unable to craft any of the talents because it does not appear to do. Both in Single-Player on both private and official servers. can anybody help me?

I’ve never seen molding wood so it’s a mod which is only available on single private find which mod has it and get in touch with mods creater due note with incoming updates they will have to alter everything thus it could take a while to fix assuming mod does not get abandoned

Pues yo tengo el problema de que quiero reportar y hay que hacer mil historias para reportar una tonteria…

I think they mean “shaped wood”, but the translation isn’t precise.

@Pesqueira, pode escrever em portugues? Eu não falo portugues bom, mas vou tentar entender.

¿Cual es el problema? Si quieres, escríbelo en español, por lo menos es un idioma que si hablo :wink:

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