Tales Of Senua........ 🍒



“For every battle won, a greater battle takes its place and so it goes until we fall. And in the end we all fall. Even the gods have their time…”

“I learnt the hard way to not be afraid of death. Because a life without loss is one without love. Turn your back on death and you only see the shadow that it casts. The longer you hide from it, the longer the shadow grows, until all you can see is darkness. When our time comes, we must look death in the eye and embrace it as a friend. Only then can we let go fear, and emerge from our darkness.”



:point_down: Learn and predict the future every time you die!

smelling mono

:point_up_2: The brain uses old information to predict what might happen in similar
scenarios in the future, which is an important tool for survival.


:troll: Ba’al Zabub creates them, and they find each other - A Tale Of Impaired Trolls

:angel: Others are created by God, they don’t need to find each other - A Tale Of Angels

PLEASE, CHECK THE ORIGINAL POST! :point_right: Senua's Cry †³ [Clamor Carnis] ‡ 🍒

:rofl: Angels, demons and trolls, welcome to Schrödinger’s Land. Relieve your love, and relieve your pain… give us likes, frowning faces too, if that relieves your wounds. Yes, it is not easy to be both death and alive at the same time :point_down:


I wish you were on Playstation too. I love one life only series!
Your server must be really fun :smiley:.
Just a question out of curiosity please. If someone dies how do you know? Is there a mod for it?


Hello, stelagel :slight_smile:

I don’t know if I quite understand what you mean but anyway I can say this: EEWA mod knows when you die and reduces then your progression/experience by 8%. Another mod increases your progression/experience for every minute you are in-game, admin set-able. There is no permadeath, when you die you keep your stuff but you lose experience [as said above by 8%]. There are some few mod quests to do, rewards and a bazaar to buy stuff but not sure yet if we will keep that one. It is experimental.


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I’am very happy to play here!!
Every time you can ask admin about server and if you have problems)


I’ve had fun on that server since day one. easy to get to talk to admin. and the other players on the server are nice and helpful :grinning:


I knew it that @KorgFoehammer is a fantastic mod author, i knew it! I wish i could play his mods really :heart:.
I am really happy you’re having fun my friends, best wishes for all of you :metal:.


KorgFoehammer makes ESAV mods not EEWA - EEWA is made by Hosav (if I recall correctly)

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