Tamed NPC & Wild NPC Damage Modification

Hello again, Funcom! I’m the author of the post “(Serious) Make Conan Great Again!” If you see this post, I hope you take the time to view the other post as it is much more important than this one (this one is very important too!)

Moving on, I’d like to suggest a separate modification for tamed & untamed npcs on the admin panel. This includes damage done & damage taken. We have the option of doing so already, I know. The only issue is, as with most things on the menu, it doesn’t work (lol!). I’ve been a long time server renter from gportal and gportal only & I intend to continue for some time to come ONLY if I can actually have control over things like that. If it doesn’t work, why put it on there for us to use?

I’d like to see a separate pet Modification system as well. Pets are useless. An option to boost hp/armor/damage output of pets would splendid!
I know you guys are working on thralls and stuff so this request shouldn’t be to far out of the way. Thx!

*PS… implementing A server rating system would let players know what’s a good server to play on. There’s no way for ppl to know what server is a good one for Both custom & officials. A 5 star rating system would be cool! You guys have so much you can do with the game but for some reason it just goes to irrelevant stuff that’s not going to make the game better overall. I’d hate to be blunt but it’s the truth. I have no idea why none of this hasn’t been fixed or implemented.

A lot of useful setting options are missing in my opinion. This is one of them…

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