Tamed pets don't heal from a healing arrow!

when you shoot a healing arrow near a pet, it does not heal up from set healing arrow! i can’t put it more clearly then this ^^
please fix this i mainly use pets, instead of human thralls, i can’t do boss fights because the pet don’t get healed not even after the fight. it does seem to have a slow passive 1hp heal.

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My thrall was healing from the arrows…unless he was fighting, then the healing stopped. PvP believes that this is a good thing, but for a Solo/Co-op player it is not good. I could not make thrall stop fighting and I could not cause the boss to focus attacks on me. My thrall died and I had to try to finish the fight alone…this took too long.

I have taken pets with me into dungeons, but as you stated, it doesn’t work any better with them.

I’m still not sure whether this is intended or not. Healing arrows have never worked on pets but it’s still unclear whether that is the intended outcome.

I have not had to heal a thrall in battle for some time but it used to work during a fight as long as your thrall was in the healing cloud.

A good strategy is if you think the thrall will die you can if there is room just run away from the boss and heal your thrall then move back in for the kill. Running away is a strategy that works very well to get your thralls out of danger. They will teleport to you once you get far enough away.


Most of my PVP buds do not like the non healing. We always wanted it. The cloud works on enemies, so it is not easy to exploit during fighting.

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Thralls heal via healing arrows, up to three pluses above their heads at a time, which means three healing buffs. Once they take damage (like us) extra Regen is arrested. If they are outside of the cloud or it has expired, you’ll need to make another one. I have found shooting them in the head really helps, if you’re a good shot.

If Tames were able to be buffed by the healing cloud, generally so would enemy monsters. Therefore healing arrows would be counter-productive in many situations.

I tied the moving away. The boss followed the thrall and continued hitting on him. I also tried getting between the two, hut the boss was too close and didn’t care about me at all.

Healing keeps the game moving, I do not understand why some players do not like it.

I was using the healing arrows to regen my thrall between fights. However, this fight the thrall and boss seemed to have a history I didn’t know about. They ran together and would not stop fighting one another. I tried to get the boss to attack me instead and it wouldn’t have it. Because the attack caused the heal to stop, my thrall could not be healed.

Yeah sounds like bad blood. Did you finish the boss off and get revenge? :smiley:


Took forever, but yes. I finally killed it.

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