Taming torpor problem

when I hit the berserker with a stun arrow on a small rock, it returns after a while and the torpor resets. how i can tame?

Play like a boy and get in it’s face with a truncheon or use a thrall to engage it with one while you pink away with arrows.

The cheese way of using blunted arrows/bow or repeated retreats while using the truncheon was removed in the 3.0 update.

Ahhahahaha no! Knocking out Thralls now is much easier than before. Just get ANY T3 Bearer, give him/her some heavy armor and truncheon, then set your T3 Bearer on this poor Berserker and use your blunted arrows. Before 3.0 we had nothing to enchance our concussive damage except blunted fittings, and now we have special armor, special food and special elixirs. With my Authority build I can knock out this poor Berserker with 3 or 4 arrows.


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