Tank Aggro loss

Just a quick question, at what point do tanks loose aggro due to item power, ie: tanks item power is 200, how far over can a dps go before the tanks aggro skills etc are cancelled out, 100 points, 200 points ?.

It’s less about IP and more about what kind of damage they manage to output. I’m not sure what the actual numbers behind it is, but i believe that once someone generates 110% of the hate, the current player with aggro has, that is when the aggro change. Hate generating abilities increase the hate per damage done. So it’s really down to when the DPS overruns the tank despite the hate modifiers.

There are points in a fight where aggro is more unstable or where hate gen is happening at a reduced rate for the tank.

The begining of the fight is an unstable point. If a DPS hits the boss first, the tank needs to do 110% the hate of that dps to get aggro. This often means that the boss will ping pong between DPS if the tank isn’t allowed to grab aggro first.

Hate gen is an issue in cases where the tank has to stop hitting the boss for whatever reason, while DPS is still going at it. Moving a boss, or the boss running away from the tank to mention two situations.

Item power is an illusion.
Lv70 normal red AR has the same ip as Lv70 KSR
The real fact that matters is the real damage/per/second. (Use ACT to get more details)

Aggro usually generate by dmg.
But good news is tanks also have other means to generate aggro.
For examples:
1, Healing generate aggro.
Sustain tanks have healing function on them, and healing generate aggros.
2, Some skills add more aggro.
Immutable increase aggro by 50% before expire
3, Some gears generate aggro.

Add them together, if another person’s aggro is higher than 110% of the aggro you generate, you lose aggro to that person.

As other mentioned aggro is not a matter of IP but a matter of dps.
A good rule of the thumb is that tank dps should always be at least 1/10 of the highest dps in the group, as tank abilities generate 10xdps hate. That plus other means to generate aggro you have should keep you safe.

Most problems come from dps spikes (burst, big crits), at start of fight or when DDs in group dont hold fire when the tank cannot hit the target or right after an aggro reset.

Most taunts put you on top of aggro list and also hard taunt the target for a while, giving you the time to catch up.

Both when I tank and when I dps I always keep ACT mini parser open and watch out for group dps, that way I can either ask DDs to slow down or slow down myself when I see I am overdpsing the tank.

Take 15x instead of 10x if the tank uses Immutable, at least for short fights or if you want to track damage at the beginning of a fight.

Wait, what ? there’s an ACT mini parser overlay for SWL ?

It’s not an overlay, but a small window. There’s a tickybox on ACT to open up the mini parser window.

And in the other direction, go more like 8x tank’s dps if the tank is using a shotgun or chaos power move, since their gimmicks don’t add extra hate but do add up to about 30% more tank damage. Most dps talis also add damage without hate but at best they’re like, 1% of dps each so unlikely to matter.

As far as tank ability use, Pain Suppression and Thick Skin increase aggro so use them on cooldown even if the healer’s not having problems, any offhand abilities from a weapon you’re not using power moves from increases aggro… other cooldowns (eruption, raging volcano, main offenders) significantly reduce tank aggro because they use energy and a gcd and have no hate modifier.

oh, got it, thanks a bunch !