Tank Commander - max IP speedrun

Hello everyone!

I decided to share my experience with the Tank Commander speedrunning in the following video:

For reference, the first kill of the Tank Commander has been made from melee PoV, here, so melee is definitely a viable option:

Build used:


  • Orochi Thermal Inverter of Alacrity mk3
  • High-Yield Launcher of Alacrity mk3 (this is the weapon i use for OD high waves pushing with an extra accurate glyph, but other rifle options (like KSR-43) and a better damage-oriented affix could be better for this content)
  • Ashes of Crushed Cities + Signet of Veteran (Blizzard is better damage-wise for KSR-43 builds, possibly with the passive in order to root the drones and disable them from casting / healing the boss)
  • Cobra Ring + Signet of Rifleman’s Creed
  • Egon Pendant + Signet of Commando
  • Iron-Sulfur Bracelet + Signet of Nemain
  • Cold Silver Dice + Signet of Cruel Delight
  • Military Strap + Signet of Time & Space
  • Razor Fossil + Signet of Quickness


  • Mesilande Gwinyai
  • Faction Quartermaster
  • Fearghas Abernathy


  • Purification Drone (for all the content up to the Tank Commander)
  • Fey Ley Line Stone (for the Tank Commander)

2 accurate (1 of them on the rifle), 4 elaborate fierce, 2 elaborate devastating

Anima Allocation:
85-90 damage allocation with Anima, 80 without.

The video shows my first experience with Emergency Loader for this fight. It turned out it has a very good uptime (will have to confirm it with further speedruns to remove any confirmation biases), so Lock & Load turned out to be almost useless. In this case, the best build should be High-Yield Launcher / Voltaic Shunt, trading Lock & Load for Mjolnir. If playing with KSR-43, this problematic obviously does not exist and Lock & Load should be kept (KSR-43 / Inverter).

As a side-note, the Tank Commander is probably kittable, which could allow to use a more aggressive Allocation, Emergency Loader will become subpar / useless in the process however, as well as Secondary Explosion (can replace both with Auto Loader & Heavy Payload if playing with KSR-43, or Auto-Loader & Superconductor if playing with a different rifle).

PS: some mistakes have been made during the fight, notably one of the blinks has been performed too soon, making the boss come back in melee range and recast Cyber Spin. For some reason however, it appears that one of his Cyber Spin ticks purged his own hinder debuff :smile: (at least, this is the only possible explanation i’ve got about this). Make sure to wait until the Cyber Pull’s cast is completed and you’ve got pulled BEFORE blinking, because such a mistake can cost a wipe.


I don’t have AR signets, so I had to figure out a Hammer build to do it. This worked surprisingly well. Only took me a grand total of about 13 wipes to get my first kill and the first 6 or 7 attempts were just testing different builds, some of which were total disasters.

This is 80/20 allocation with a legendary Anima buff potion. My agents are the same as Molov’s above.

You should take note that my crit is not at all close to being maxed. It’s pretty bad, actually. So you can do this without max gear fairly comfortably as long as you play smart. Flicker is instant, but it is on the GCD so you have to keep an eye on the Commander. When he starts casting pull, stop all attacks so that you can Flicker immediately. Thick Skin is used because my healing isn’t strong enough with crit that low and Forged in Fire has a cooldown.

If I was thinking, I have a maxed Starspawn headpiece that I could have used. The headpiece I did use is mostly worthless for that fight and it also has the wrong signet in it for hammer anyway. I’ve also got a maxed Crushed Cities if I wanted more damage. It was just an oversight on my part. So this fight is easily doable if you actually build properly and have maxed gear and it’s doable with some pains if you’re not quite maxed out and derp your equipment slightly. :laughing:

I’d advise you to try out without Forged in Fire the next time, it takes it too long to heal you and it just gets purged most of the time, it simply doesn’t hold enough value and is not reliable at all.

The other thing you should consider is Crystallized Blaze instead of Razor Shards (you’ll have to obviously use the Inverter for that). The damage of Crystallized Blaze beats Razor Shards way too hard and you’d be getting rid of the adds faster and have more single target DPS at the same time.

Did you try to play with my very first melee build i’ve killed the boss with, which is somewhere on this part of the forums?

Using CF instead of Razor Shards is a good idea. I do have an Inverter. Forged in Fire was more just to survive towards the end of the fight, not to survive the spin. FiF would proc and I would put Thick Skin on to let it heal me up. If I use my Starspawn I could probably swap it out for Unbridled Wrath and more DPS. Or I could just level my crit glyphs. :confused:

I didn’t see that you had a melee build. I built this all on my own without any guides.

I see what you’re trying to do here, but you should know that any time the boss procs the purge on you, absolutely all your buffs are instantly gone. You can’t mask Rock Hard with other buffs, everything goes away. You should line of sight the spin with a pillar - when the adds come, get near a pillar, use Eruption and Blaze on them and prepare to hide to avoid getting pulled. Rock Hard can be used in that case to tank the ground aoes while waiting for the spin to pass.

I have just cleared it a few days ago without checking this post and I used almost the same build you used here, but with KSR and Inverter with CF and Blizzard.

What made me wipe the most times was him casting Factory Recall (I think thats the name) instead then Cyber Pull, which pulled + stunned me and then Cyber Spin back to back. That was a 100% wipe as I had no way to react while stunned.
I did not hear anyone ealse complaining about that deadly combo, am I the only one who experienced it ?

I did not think about fey-line stone at all, so I tried first with a drone cleansing the Cyber Pull hinder and then dodging away. I cleared it with a cleansing Hoop, which worked much better as the drone kept cleansing any other debuff I had before the hinder and that delay got me killed a few times.
Blinking away from the spin sounds much better, I will do that next time I drop a box.

Any time you go outside the central area, notably around the borders of the room, you’ll get recalled. I’ve heard it also happens when you kite the boss too much. If you play it similarly to how i do it in my video, you won’t get factory recalled.

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That was a lot of fun. I just finished my first run, and ended up with a standard ksr/inverter build. Using cruel delight and some pillar-kiting to stay alive, and fey ley line stone to avoid cyber spin. 80/20 anima allocation.

I used a lot of wipes either rubberbanding back into cyber spin, or attempting to use different gadgets. I could never avoid the pull with support stratagem, and cleanse/dodge with the hoop easily took 60% of my hp, which made it too unreliable.

If I ever get a second run I think I want to try hammer. I spent most of my time in melee range anyway, and the burst from eruption on drones should be helpful.