Tattoo not re-appearing in inventory after losing durability

Game mode: [Online | PvP]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [not applicable]

[Hey my strength stat bonus tattoo does not re appear in my inventory after it loses durability, and there is no specific spot that it equips to like armor. I have only used this specific tattoo however. i dont think this is how the tattoos work since the conan wiki (or whatever that large repository of info is called) has info about how to repair them. If this is intentional please either make cheaper to make or last longer. As it is now its not worth the effort]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hi there, checking whether the wiki info is still valid or outdated. I don’t think you can repair tattoos. The functional ones last for 1 hour unless you die before they expire. The ones which give no stats but are for decoration only last until you die but don’t quote me on that. Checking!

It just seems like they’re not really worth the dragon powder if you have to re apply it every hour and can’t repair it. It is just my opinion but I feel like it wouldn’t hurt too much to add an hour or two to its buff time? I couldn’t get through a whole raid with the buff on if it only lasts one hour.

I did ask around about it and it seems that while the code may allow the tattoos to be repaired (which is why it is in the wiki, some pages are generated automatically), it is currently not implemented in the game. you can’t repair your tattoo and once applied it is gone from your inventory.

Thanks for spotting it though, we will see how to update the wiki in this regards.

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Thank you! I appreciate the info!

Man…i kinda agree they could be cheaper…you can still go to certain stores and find the press on tattoos for a quarter! Just gotta add a wet rag on the back, wait, then peel! Usually find them in the entrance in those machines by the gumball machines. :joy:

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