Tcho Tcho details

I want to know about these guys both in a lore sense and for their utility. I’d love to talk about the fish guys too(thunna?) but they do not spawn loot for me so I’ve never gotten their token of friendship.

For starters, the summoning tokens start off by weighing nearly nothing. I like that!

Secondly there’s the fact that we learn more recipes from getting Tcho Tcho statues and killing the mobs at the Grey Pools.

Finally, these clownish golems cast SPELLS! lol so that makes them, baring Priests and their God summoning haxx, the only NPC magic users in the game. Sure there are monsters with breath attacks and enchanted weapons but nothing like the Tcho Tcho veterans. But are these spells useful for anything?

Does anyone have experience using levelled Tcho Tcho Veterans for support in base defense? Do their spells pass by friendly units and hit the target? Do the Tcho’s even navigate bases like thralls do, or are they worse?

I know they can’t fit through doorways, like most larger pets, and they seem more likely to get stuck there and not teleport. lol

EDIT: I can imagine a row of these guys next to archers, fireing their spells at raiders. But sadly when you set the Tcho’s on ranged priority they do not act accordingly. I haven’t done any testing myself but I would hope that if a Tcho Vet could not reach it’s target with melee it would revert to spell throwing, but the Exiles AI does not give me much hope that this would be the case!


For what it’s worth I have levelled a couple of them up. I found they seem to pretty much use their spells when they feel like it - I got the impression that all of their attacks have been lumped into ‘melee’. I don’t know how it would work on a server, but in singleplayer they never damaged me or other followers (though it can be disconcerting when you kill the last enemy and your Tcho-tcho just turns round and blasts you in the face :laughing:). As for base defense, I never really tried them for that, so I really couldn’t say how they behave…


I wanted to create a topic about those guys, now I don’t have to (I kept forgetting :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: )

I have a Veteran ally, and it is a BEAST! I let them fight against a giant croc, and RNGeezus was on oir side: every second attack was a fire burst or a roar. It took 5 of them to kill the croc :open_mouth:
Those attacks can be interrupted, but crocs have a long delay between attacks.

BUT! Do those attacks count as ranged attacks? It seems to me because it got a lot of points both in STR and ACC.


Check out the Hp lovecraft wiki, the Tcho Tcho are a race from his books and are exactly the same as our Conan version here, also lloigor are a part of the hp lovecraft books,

known as Zhar and Lloigor the two great old ones, and twins, coloured the same as our Conan dragon loligars and with multiple eyes like Zhar and lloigor

The Tcho Tcho worship Zhar in the lovecraft universe, the tcho tcho name also can mean destructive sorcerer

In hp lovecraft lore tcho legends point to prehistoric genetic engineering of pre-human ancestors by the Great Old Ones


sounds like the successful version of what the darfari try to do but fail and end up with imps, notice they both have the same soundpacks and Yog is straight up lovecraftian

correction the imps are the punished members of the tribe, so I guess the outcome of imps is intended by the darfari


where did that piece came from?
seriously curious


there’s notes near some of the darfari camps that detail the use of the sinkhole by the main darfari camp detailing how they try necromancy, see the Scouting Mission Notes for confirmation


I’m not a big Lovecraft fan but I really like how Lovecraft and Robert E Howerd collaborated and created a shared universe. Conan met and escaped the clutches of a few eldrich horrors in the old comics. He might have even killed one(it was a small one)


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