Teamwork is key

First step get many players to join your clan. Official servers that max of 9 other players. Get 10 a tribe of 10 before setting roles.

Roles: Leader-you are the planner. Plan everything.

Builder: Mostly everyone but the build role is for a trusted clan member. Skills focus on building,upgrading and repairs.

Weapon smith: Skills focus on weapon making weapons skills. Makes weapons. Mostly everyone makes there own weapons.

Armor smith: Focus on making armor skills. Makes Armor. Mostly everyone makes there own armor.

Scout: wears light armor. Scouts by themselves or you have two Scouts. Normaly bow users.

Assassin: Normally the player to use posions in there weapons. Usually your orb launches.

Grunts: usually low players. Grunts use one handed weapons with shields. Grunts normally wears heavy armor. There job is to soak up damage.

Collectors: everyone. Farm using all 10 clan members. Bigger = More loot.

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This idea works on paper. But not in practice. You spread out your roles too thin and relying on too many to be online at crucial times and at the same time.

In reality it works more like builders/gatherers and fighters. You want to have 1-2 good ones on at each time frame the clan is active. With only 10, its hard to run 24/7 operations.

Last time I started up and quickly dominated the server we started with 2. We had a plan and executed it. The clan leader focused on fighting. I focused on building and gathering (END/SUR build is needed). First order of business is to get a tier 2 blacksmith. Then a tier 2 alchemist/carpenter. Those will raise your building efficiency by 2x. Higher is better, but shoot for tier 2 (kill tier 1 PHs).

He got his exp from fighting, I got mine from building. Both would get materials as needed, but he (the fighter) focused on some of the harder mats (like black ice and such) Once both are level 30, learn Masonry 3 and take turns building Black Ice building mats. By the time your base is more or less complete, you should be 60. On a 1x server this can take a few hours.

In one sitting we had a pretty much unraidable base (server had just restarted so no one had the mats to enter yet). Had level 60, and were in Silent Legion. Over the next few days we gained more people, expanded the base, and made our presence well known.

Within a week or so many clans dropped out because they wanted to attack us but simply couldn’t manage to work up the gall to do so. They were intimidated by our progress.

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